Jared Kelley of Mission Realty Group

                Jared has been in the real estate industry for the past 10 years and is known for going the extra mile, like showing up on moving day or connecting you with a new strategic partner.  His passion is to lead  clients through the  maze of uncertainty to a place of confidence and peace of mind. Jared spends his free time enjoying time with his wife, golfing and serving at his church.

“Every real estate transaction is different and my goal is to first understand my client’s needs, then help them make an informed and excellent decision”

James Carmody of Synergy One Lending

           James Carmody has a proven track record of helping his clients achieve their dreams. He has helped hundreds of families refinance and purchase properties since joining the industry in 2003. Prior to becoming a mortgage banker he had a lot of success as a mortgage broker and manager. He successfully grew a company from four employees to over 50 in three short months with over 100 million in production. As a mortgage advisor, James is committed to taking a hands-on approach with his clients. He applies the perspective that “a home is your biggest investment and needs to be part of a comprehensive plan.”