Episode 102: Featuring (Part I) Aaron Andrews and (Part II) Derek Abbey & Ken Davenport


Aaron Andrews - District Representative for State Senator Joel Anderson & Retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant with James Carmody - Host of Rise Up Radio & Jennifer Krewalk - Exec. Director & Producer of Rise Up Radio


Derek Abbey - Travis Manion Foundation & Ken Davenport - Mission Edge with James Carmody - Host of Rise Up Radio & Jennifer Krewalk - Exec. Director & Producer of Rise Up Radio

Episode 96: Featuring (Part I) US Coast Guard Sector San Diego, and (Part II) USD's Amanda Etter & Jhonnatan Chinchilla


US Coast Guard Sector San Diego - Lieutenant Junior Grade Zach Farrell, Avionics Electrical Technician 2nd Class Bartholomew Valle, and Aviation Survival Technician 2nd Class Lyman Dickinson with Derek Abbey - Guest Host of Rise Up Radio filling in for James Carmody & Jennifer Krewalk - Exec. Director & Producer of Rise Up Radio

United States Coast Guard Sector San Diego is the headquarters for San Diego’s Coast Guard Team. Lieutenant Junior Grade Zach Farrell, Avionics Electrical Technician 2nd Class Bartholomew Valle, and Aviation Survival Technician 2nd Class Lyman Dickinson, crew members of the MH60 Rescue Helicopter team, joined Rise Up Radio’s guest host Derek Abby to discuss the Sector San Diego’s participation in the Hurricane Harvey rescue and recovery.

All three men were a part of the Hurricane Harvey rescue and recovery effort in August that devastated areas in the Houston Texas area. Dickinson, a rescue swimmer, deploys out of the helicopter on the hook, as well as serves as a medical technician. Dickinson, Farrell and Valle discuss how their day to day training and the lessons learned during Hurricane Katrina all played a big part in the quick response and effectiveness of the Coast Guard during and after Harvey hit.

Farrell tells Abby, “All those lessons we learned (from Katrina) went right into effect that first day, so everything got off super-fast, we were super effective those first three days and I think we cleaned up a lot of the disaster really fast because of that.”

One average the Coast Guard can be airborne within 30 minutes of getting a call to come in and according to the men, they got the news about Hurricane Harvey at 9 a.m., got the call to deploy at 9:25, showed up to work by 10:00 and flew out at 11:30 a.m. They headed out to Texas in the H60 and found themselves having to fly directly into the hurricane. The first task was to fly into Houston and get the staging area ready, but they ended up being diverted when a call about a pregnant woman being stranded on her rooftop came in.

They also talk about the other Coast Guard crews from as far away as Sitka, Alaska who arrived in Texas to help with the hurricane rescues and clean up, and how there were actually many of the CG members who are stationed in Houston ended up being victims of Harvey and being unable to get out of their homes to report for duty.

The conversation also unpacks the day-to-day operations, trainings and the vast areas covered by US Coast Guard - Sector San Diego.


University of San Diego, Veteran Student Services Coordinator - Amanda Etter & Associated Students Finance Chair - Jhonnatan Chinchilla with Derek Abbey - Guest Host of Rise Up Radio filling in for James Carmody & Jennifer Krewalk - Exec. Director & Producer of Rise Up Radio

Veterans Student Services Coordinator for University of San Diego Amanda Etter and senior student veteran at USD Johnny Chinchilla, joined Rise Up Radio guest host, Derrek Abby, to unpack the veteran and military programs available at USD. Chinchilla and Etter also talk about the recent USD Founders Gala event that was held on Veterans Day and the Military Transition Conference coming up in February.

Etter, who oversees the military and veteran program at USD, explains to Abby, “The military connected student population has grown 30% in the past two years. Working with military connected students on campus, the University is still very young at that. We’re the youngest of the top 100 schools across the country. We’re still kind of getting to grow, we have a lot of growth going on right now. It’s a really big time and we’re a change maker campus. So it’s a good time for us to highlight our military students.” The Founders Gala raised almost $1.3 million for all across campus students and over $500,000 for a new specific endowed scholarship for veteran students, according to Etter.

Chinchilla, who is one of the students highlighted at the Founders Gala did four combat deployments during his 12 year service in the Marine Corps. He is the Finance Chair for the student government and manages the $1.2 million in student activity fees. He is also President of the Student Veteran Organization at USD. When asked about why he chose USD he tells Abby, “It was the small classroom setting coming from the military and being use to a small unit leadership, I want to get to know my professors, I want to know who my classmates are, at USD you could do that, you’re not a number you’re student, you’re Johnny, you get to go in office hours with your professors, if you don’t understand the material you just wait there until you get it, they are there helping you every step of the way.” He added, “Having that support and that guidance from the faculty and staff is really amazing, everyone around campus knows who you are. That’s really a good feeling, it reminds me of being in the military.”

USD has 760 military connected students, that include active duty, veterans, dependent children, spouses and students who are active duty pursuing an ROTC, according to Etter. She talks about how University of San Diego’s focus is not simply on the veterans, but all of the students at the University who are military connected. She and Chinchilla stress that they want veterans to know enrolling in USD is attainable and affordable thanks to the numerous scholarships, the GI Bill, etc.

Episode 95: Featuring (Part I) Ken Davenport, and (Part II) Angel Mason Broadus


Ken Davenport - Mission Edge with James Carmody - Host of Rise Up Radio & Jennifer Krewalk - Exec. Director & Producer of Rise Up Radio

Ken Davenport, CEO and Founder of Mission Edge, joined Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to for Episode # 95 to discuss Mission Edge and it’s vision in addition to Davenport’s other work. Mission Edge delivers financing and accounting support, human resources leadership development and fiscal sponsorship to nonprofit and social enterprise communities. Davenport explains how Mission Edge provides social and nonprofit organizations with the knowledge and resources essential to make the most of their social impact and at the same time making their business processes easier. Davenport, an entrepreneur and a former partner and board member of San Diego Venture Partners, president and co-founder of PerformanceG2, Davenport has also founded several technology companies. According to Davenport he began his first company in the 90’s right out of Grad school. After the startup of his fifth company in 2010, he tells Carmody he realized he wasn’t enjoying it. “I realized I really didn’t like what I was doing and so decided to quit and take a new approach to my life and try to find something, a purpose that I could devote myself to. And so that’s how I came to the social sector.” He explains how in his late 40’s he realized he had spent half of his life acquiring things and checking the boxes. He describes what he was doing as almost ‘serially building those organizations” and while he was employing people and adding value to the economy, he didn’t feel like he was doing something that would leave footprints that people would pay attention to after he was gone. “I don’t need any more money necessarily, although money is a great thing and I am very passionate about helping businesses succeed. But I wanted something personally that would fuel my tank and make me feel like my purpose in life had something beyond simply profit. So in 2010 I joined a organization called Social Ventures Partners, which is a volunteer group in town that does philanthropy work, and it’s really business people who kind of approach the social sector with a business mindset. And try to use their talent to help nonprofits perform more affectively.” He went on to explain that at the time they were investing in the military and it was there we he discovered his passion for helping veterans and military members who were transitioning back into the civilian world.

Learn more at;

1.    Mission Edge

2.    Social Venture Partners – San Diego

3.    Ken Davenport’s Recently Published Book: The Two Gates


Angel Mason Broadus - Puzzle Pieces Marketing with James Carmody - Host of Rise Up Radio & Jennifer Krewalk - Exec. Director & Producer of Rise Up Radio

Angel Mason Broadus, President and Founder of Puzzle Pieces Marketing, joined Rise Up Radio Host - James Carmody for Episode # 95 to discuss her marketing company and the work she is doing with numerous nonprofit organizations in the Greater San Diego area. Puzzle Pieces focuses on helping small businesses and nonprofits to create their own unique brand identities that help them to distinguish themselves from their competitors. The services they provide include, strategic planning, website design, public relations, creative design, social media marketing and SEO help. Her company was originally called Mason Consulting but when she realized she could provide a service without providing everything clients needed but could supply them with little pieces of the marketing puzzle she changed the name to Puzzle Pieces Marketing. Born in Alabama, Broadus was raised in San Diego. Her father was a Marine and when she was three he brought his family to San Diego. She talks about her passion for giving back to the community, for philanthropy and community involvement it always been her way of life. She tells Carmody, “You know I never really considered myself a servant leader. I was raised and my parents always told me you don’t live on this earth for free, you have to pay your dues and giving back is a way that you earn your right to be here. So that’s just, I listened to my parents and that’s what I’m doing.” Broadus talks about how she went from having a background in healthcare and ended up going into marketing She discusses how it was completely by accident and how she learned marketing while on the job While working with Medicaid and Medicare services and the American Medical Association she learned international marketing. “I had the fortunate opportunity of being laid off. Because were it not for that opportunity I don’t think I would have been brave enough to start my own marketing company. During that time of being laid off I decided I wanted to take some time to figure out where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do with myself.” Which led to her start Puzzle Pieces. She also talks about her work with the Boys and Girls Club, the San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce, the San Diego Humane Society and being a mentor. Broadus unpacks a new program created by Central San Diego’s Black Chamber of Commerce’s, The Knowledge Exchange mentoring program and why it is so important to her.

Learn more about these organizations at;

1.    Puzzle Pieces Marketing

2.    Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego

3.    The Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce

4.    San Diego Humane Society

Episode 94: Featuring Featuring (Part I) Sheldon Margolis, Holly Shaffner & Bob Muth, and (Part II) Daniel Rice


Sheldon Margolis & Holly Shaffner-Veterans Museum at Balboa Park & Bob Muth San Diego Veteran of the Year with Eve Nasby & Derek Abbey - Guest Hosts of Episode # 94 & Jennifer Krewalk - Rise Up Radio

Sheldon Margolis, US Navy Veteran and Executive Director of the Veterans Museum at Balboa Park,  joined Holly Shaffner, Retired US Coast Guard and Military Liaison Officer of Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center at SDSU, on Rise Up Radio to talk about the incredible activities that took place during for Veterans Day 2017 in San Diego and the newly recognized, and awarded, San Diego Veteran of the Year - Bob Muth. Muth also joins Margolis and Shaffner on the show to talk about being chosen as SD Veteran of the Year, share some information about himself and the events that took place in celebration of Veterans Day. Muth serves as Professor in Residence at the University of San Diego, Academic Director of USD Legal Clinics, and Managing Attorney of the USD Veterans Legal Clinic. A retired Marine, Muth spent 13 months in Falluja Iraq, served as Judge Advocate in the Marines and has worked as a criminal defense attorney handling cases involving allegations of war crimes and the mishandling of classified information. “I served in the US Marine corps, I had the privilege of being a marine and to me when I took the position at the law school and had the opportunity to start up the Veterans Clinic, it’s a group of folks who you know, that no matter what their station in life might be now, or what their up to or what they’re doing now, they raised their right hand and swore an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and they did their part, they fulfilled their duty to protect our country, so the opportunity to give back is a privilege,” he said. The Veterans Legal clinic provides free legal help for veterans. Margolis and Shaffner share their stories about the Veteran Day events, how they became involved and some of their backgrounds.

Learn more about these organizations at;

1. Veterans Museum at Balboa Park

2. San Diego County Veteran of the Year by the Veterans Museum at Balboa Park

3. University of San Diego Legal Clinics



Daniel Rice - US4Warriors with Derek Abbey - Guest Host of Episode # 94

Daniel Rice, US Marine Veteran and Board member of US4Warriors, joined Rise Up Radio to talk about what US4Warriors does and how it helps active duty military members and their families. Rice, also a member of the Chula Vista Elks Club explains how the organization’s programs support the local community. Rice enlisted in 1973 and said he considers himself the “maverick of the family” because while other members of his family served in the Navy and the Army, he chose to be a Marine. With a passion to give back and serve others Rice told guest host Derrek Abby, “Just because I hung up my uniform doesn’t mean I stopped serving. It’s part of our patriot DNA.” A nonprofit organization, US4Warriors’s mission according to Rice, is to serve active duty military personnel and their families. Rice also talks about the amazing network of volunteers they have and their need for more who are willing to volunteer. US4Warriors’ focus according to Rice is on the whole veteran, to fill in the gaps and help make the challenges our military members face easier to deal with. The organization is 100% volunteer run and no one gets paid for their service. He explains, “We truly are 100% non-profit. So like any other non-profit one of the biggest challenges is, you know, they’re you know passionate about what they do for their community and for their events, so raising funds is always a challenge for any non-profit. We are no different and we have our challenges there, but we can assure you that 100% of those funds go to the end users, the people we support.” Rice also talks how the Elks club is a true American institution. “It is the greatest secret in the community because you don’t see a lot of advertisement. They do everything through word of mouth and volunteer and a lot of people just thought it was like an old boy’s network, but it’s not”, he said.

Learn more about these organizations;

1. The US For Warriors Foundation

2. Chula Vista Elks

Episode 93: Featuring Kevin Narcomey and Flossie Hall

Kevin Narcomey -  Founder and CEO of Osceola Consulting

Kevin Narcomey.jpg

Kevin Narcomey, Founder and CEO of Osceola Consulting sat down with Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to discuss Osceola Consulting, the services they provide to utility companies and how the company is impacting the local Native American communities. Narcomey, who founded the company 11 years ago, is himself a Native American belonging to the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma. He is the youngest of three boys and was raised by a single mother. He tells Carmody that his mom told him if he wanted to go to college he would have to earn it, which led him to apply for a scholarship. Part of that application included writing and essay about what he would do to give back to the community if he received the scholarship and he explains that was always in the back of his mind when he formed Osceola Consulting. The name Osceola, according to Narcomey, is the name of a tribal chief from the 1800’s who lead the resistance of the Seminole tribe to be moved to Oklahoma territory. His great-grandmother walked the trail of tears from Florida to Oklahoma, and the name Osceola is not only his middle name but the middle name of his children. He told Carmody, “When it came time to start the company, a native American owned business, what other name was there to come up with other than Oceola?” The company was founded at a time when the economy not doing so well and hit bottom a couple of years later. When asked why his company still did well, he explains, “One of the things I think with technology and consulting, is really working with our clients to help them solve whatever problem they’re trying to solve. Whether it’s some transformational change or business processes change or technology implementation so that they can achieve their goals. That helps in down times and helps in good times.” Narcomey also discusses some of their clients, what the company does and the technology center that thanks to the sponsoring by Southern California Gas, is on the Indian Reservation in Palm Springs. The center hires locally, trains locally and builds the local work force. It provides tech services, business process support industry solutions and more.


Flossie Hall - Founder and CEO Healthy Momma

Flossie Hall.jpg

Flossie Hall, navy spouse, mother of four and Founder and CEO of Healthy Momma sat down with Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to talk the founding of Healthy Momma, her own struggle with losing weight, and how preparing healthy meals for her family led to her meal preparation service. She also discusses how her business is helping military families. Hall explains, “Healthy Momma is a meal delivery service focused on making healthy food affordable so that it’s accessible to those who need it most.” Unlike the other meal prep services available, Healthy Momma provides fresh cooked healthy and delicious meals that only need to be heated and served. According to Hall, while other meal preparation services cost anywhere from $16 to $18 per meal and require customers to still cut and prepare and cook the meals. Healthy Momma’s meals run from $3 to $8 a meal with the average adult meal costing $6 and they have meals specifically for families and kids. Originally from New York, being a navy spouse she has lived all over the country. After the birth of her second child, Hall tells Carmody her weight got up over 200 which resulted in her not being accepted as an EMT even after passing all of the tests. She then made it her goal to figure how nutrition worked and how to get herself and her family eating healthier. She began doing meal preparations for her family on Sundays, she would prepare all their meals and snacks for the week so they could just heat and eat during the week to maintain healthy eating. According to Hall, it wasn’t long before her friends were asking her to help them do the same thing for their families. People began paying her to do their meal preps so while waiting to attend medical school she began Healthy Momma. “I was very determined to help people see that healthy food can be delicious and it can be cheap and it can be easy. So I had this crazy idea, my husband was deployed I was like I’m gonna run a commercial kitchen. He was like are you sure? Never having taken a business class, never cooked commercially I didn’t even know how to cook when me and my husband got married.” She said, adding, “I started watching the food network I decided if I needed eat better I need to know how to cook better. I don’t want just healthy food, I want regular food but make them healthier.” With the help of a couple of friends they started the business and in a short time they were making 800 meals a week out of her home kitchen. So far the 22 months they’ve been in business, they have served over a half million meals in San Diego County. Hall also talks about the company’s mission to help employ military spouses as well as being attention to struggles military spouses encounter in finding jobs. She discusses what it takes to be successful at losing weight and maintaining the consistency of healthy eating habits, and how it has to include the whole family to be sustainable. “I’m more of a doer and I believe in failing forward. I have a lot of people that I mentor now and a lot of people are afraid to do things. And I’m like, you’re never going to figure it out until you actually do it,” she said.



1. Osceola Consulting is an award-winning Native American-owned consulting services business. Visit the Osceola Consulting website to get details and what they have to offer. 

2. Healthy Momma is a growing, affordable, and amazing company! Visit their website to learn how it works, view what delicious meals they offer, and how you can sign up! 

Episode 92: Featuring Erin Weidemann, Kate Nowlan, and Kimberly Caccavo

Erin Weidemann - Bible Belles

Erin Weidemann.jpg

Erin Weidemann, Founder and CEO of Bible Belles sat down with Rise Up Radio host James Carmody to talk about Bible Belles and how they have partnered with World Vision to provide resources for parents worldwide. Weidemann, who was a guest on the show last year, is an author, speaker and host of the podcast, Heroes for Her. She was a full-time teacher for over 10 years but quit teaching last year because Bible Belles has morphed into a full time endeavor. She explains that over her years of teaching she began to grow a heart for young people. “Specifically girls and the challenges that they face, not understanding who they are, and what they were created to do and I just felt called to write a book series and create some resources that parents can use to really guide the conversation of beauty, identity and purpose with their daughters at a young age. That would get them ready and prepared to step into whatever leadership role they were designed for,” Weidemann said. Bible Belles is a five book series, each book is about one of five women from the bible. The stories help girls discover what true beauty is, how much God loves them and what their purpose in life is. Weidemann explains the first letter of each woman’s name form H.E.A.R.D. which is a metaphor because a lot of girls out there feel like their voices don’t matter, and she believes the books will help girls discover “God created them to be heard, created them to use their voices in a powerful way for him and for his glory,” she said. Their recent partnership with World Vision will provide the means to reach young girls around the world. “My heart has always been we need to reach the non-English speaking population of the world. This isn’t just something we need to market or reach girls in America that are living here and have more access to all the things that they need to become these leaders, we want to guide them towards these goals God has for them. Girls in the first world face problems that are so different.” She said. World Vision is helping them to do that. 


Kate Nowlan & Kimberly Caccavo - GRACEDBYGRIT

Kate Nowlan and Kimberly Caccavo.jpg

Kate Nowlan & Kimberly Caccavo, founders of GRACEDBYGRIT joined Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to talk about their athletic apparel line made in San Diego and created exclusively for women. Nowlan and Caccavo started GRACEDBYGRIT in 2013 as a direct to consumer brand selling online directly to customers. In 2015 they opened their first store and will be opening another store this year in 2017. It is an athletic apparel for women that is designed to make woman not only look good, but also feel safe and powerful. The women met when Nowlan was training Caccavo for a triathlon in honor of Chelsea King who was murdered in 2010. Caccavo explains, “Kate and I were training for a triathlon. Kate was my trainer for the triathlon and she was really rough and when we were running and I tried to get her to slow down, I’d started talking about what people were wearing, what made women look good, feel good and feel powerful when they ran. We kept talking about it, we thought someone needed to make clothes like these, and a few years later we were still training and still talking and no one had done it.” So we decided why not and we started a company.” Nowlan a trainer, was also a swim coach for the nonprofit organization, The Boys and Girls Club, ran their aquatic center also ran their events and fundraisers. Caccavo was a chemical engineer who worked on the space shuttle and had worked in traditional big business jobs. Partnering their skills, passion for helping women feel safe while looking good created the perfect mix for GRACEDBYGRIT. Nowlan said, “I did not imagine starting a women’s athletic apparel brand until we got to talking about it and then really it did change and I thought this is something we could do together because this is who we both were and what we both wanted.” She goes on to explain, “When we were testing the clothes, it was the combination of Kimberley’s background as a chemical engineer, looking at the construction of things with my experience as an athlete and a trainer to know what would really work well, not only do the fabrics need to provide UPF, but we wanted them to dry and most importantly for women as they age, we wanted them to be compressive, so that you felt really great while you are out there”. Nowlan and Caccavo who have both experienced their own ‘gritty moments in life’, explain how every woman has been through that gritty moment in her life that she thought would break her and at the end of the day, that moment is what gives her her grace. That is why they chose the name GRACEDBYGRIT. The women also discuss how sales of their apparel gives to charity, how they connect in person with their customers and explain the Fit Shop events held at their stores.



1. Bible Belles helps equip parents and champions of young girls to guide the conversation about beauty, identity and purpose so they can rise up and do the work they were created to do. With their newest release, Deborah: The Belle of Leadership, there are a lot of exciting upcoming things for Bible Belles. Visit their website to learn about the five-book series and all that Bible Belles does to rise up! 

2. GRACEDBYGRIT is a women's athletic apparel company designed to empower women and make them feel safe and protected all while giving back to our community. Designed, made and owned in Southern California by local women. Visit their website to learn more about the amazing brand. 

Episode 91: Featuring Jodie Grenier and Debra Falcone

Jodie Grenier - Foundation for Woman Warriors 

Jodie Grenier.jpg

Jodie Grenier, Marine Corps Veteran, Executive Director for Foundation for Woman Warriors joined James Carmody on Rise Up Radio to talk about the Foundation and the needs it is meeting for our women veterans. Grenier, who joined the Marines right out of high school, trained at the Naval Marine Corps Intelligent Center out of boot camp. She served during the invasion of Iraq as an Intel analyst. She tells Carmody, “Essentially my job was to mitigate threats to our troops that were forward of my command center. You have to be able to identify what’s an enemy weapons center from your own friendly. You’re providing information to commanders to make tactical and strategic decision. I learned very quickly I was capable of anything. If you apply yourself and if you commit yourself to learning and being just the best you can be, that no task is a challenge, it’s an opportunity.” She explains that when she got out of the Marine Corps it was during the time when there were no real resources for transitioning veterans especially when it came to assistance or mentorships. Which is why the Foundation for Women Warriors is so important today for our women veterans. According to Grenier there are currently 214,000 women in service today. With the number of women veterans reaching close to two million, the Foundation for Women Warriors mission is to help women veterans become all they can be after their military service. “We circle around the idea that our services are a hand up not a hand out. Coming from a marine background and understanding the veteran spirit is that of a warrior, and it doesn’t cease to exist once you get out of the military. We’re investing in people who are setting goals and attempting to achieve things outside of the military,” she said. The Foundation has a robust resource and referral program with other non-profits to provide women veterans with the services they need. They provide emergency help with rent and other expenses, provide a Child Care Assistance Program and help them connect with civilian business owners and continue their education. “I don’t think any woman that serves our country should have to sacrifice her education because essentially it’s not just an investment in her, it’s also an investment in that child.”


Debra Falcone - Taxpayer Advocate Service & Local Taxpayer Advocate

Debra Falcone.jpg

Debra Falcone is a local Taxpayer Advocate for the San Diego area. She joined Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to talk about the Taxpayer Advocate Service and how it is available free of charge to help taxpayers deal with and resolves issues with the IRS. Falcone has worked for the IRS for 26 years and began working as a taxpayer advocate two years ago. The Advocate Service, according to Falcone, is an independent organization within the IRS that was created and mandated by Congress in 1998 through the IRS Restructuring Act. Falcone explains their job is to reach out the community and reach as many taxpayers as possible to inform them that they are here to help them with any issues they may have with the IRS that cannot be resolved through normal channels. “My job is to help Taxpayer Advocate to become a known organization in our area. I want people to know that when they have tax issues, whether it’s ‘I don’t know where to file my tax return, I need some help, I can’t afford to pay someone to prepare my taxes, or I got a bill from IRS, to I can’t even pay my rent how am I going to pay the IRS. We’re here to intervene for you and to advocate for you to resolve that issue so you can move forward in your life”, she explains. Falcone also wants to get the word out to veterans and military service members that they are here to help them with the unique situations those who serve or served in the military experience. She discusses the IRS levies that military veterans can find themselves being stuck with on their retirement income and how the Taxpayer Advocate is available for them, at no cost. “We have a lot of homeless veterans, and I want to say, I think, the figure I got was some 40,000 people are collecting military pensions and are homeless. That’s a huge amount of people. So how can they not be suffering in economic hardship if the IRS levies them? They’re already homeless. So we want to get those people on their feet financially, the tax portion of their life, get that straightened out.” She went on to say, “If people just have a question, they can call the local number 619-744-7156 or 877-777-4778 National Taxpayer Advocate.” Falcone also discusses a new initiative started this year called “Problem Solving Days, gives examples of the kind of assistance they provide and how they are working with Congress to gain legislative support they need.



1. DASpedia is hosting its 2nd Annual Wireless for Veterans Gala and Networking event on Nov. 9, 2017 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA from 4pm - 9:30pm. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Foundation for Women Warriors. It will be an amazing networking event. To get your tickets and learn more about Foundation for Women Warriors and the Wireless for Veterans Gala, head over to their website

2. Taxpayer Advocate Service has a self-help website that is designed to educate taxpayers about common tax issues and steps to take to resolve certain issues in a timely manner and other resources taxpayers may have questions about. Visit the Taxpayer Advocate's website to get all the help you may need! 

Episode 90: Featuring Robert Muth and Maria Keckler

Robert Muth –University of San Diego Veterans Legal Clinic

Robert Muth.jpg

Robert Muth, Supervising Attorney for University of San Diego Veterans Clinic joined Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to talk about USD Veterans Legal Clinic and how it is providing free legal help for veterans, military members and their families. Muth, a Marine veteran, is Professor in Residence at USD Law School, and was Chairman for three years of San Diego Veterans Coalition. He joined the Marine Corps after 9/11 and served in Iraq. He explained to Carmody that luckily for him, his transition out of the military went well because he was fortunate enough to have a few individuals who had been Marine Corps veterans take him under their wings. He went to law school where he practiced Corporate Litigation but wanted to make a change and do something that would give back to others. When University of San Diego Legal Clinic was looking to expand their clinical program, he explained it was a great fit which gave him the opportunity to found the veterans legal clinic five years ago. “It’s been really fantastic, we’ve been able to kind of grow the clinic from what was just me and what was a handful of plucky law students, to now we’ve got a number of attorneys, and a paralegal and a lot more plucky law students, many of whom happen to be veterans themselves. We got out and fight the good fight on behalf of veterans, active duty personnel and also their families.” Muth went on to say that University of San Diego has a rich history of providing free legal services to the community. “So on one hand we exist in the legal clinic to provide assistance, whether that be full actual representation or advice and counseling or whatever might be appropriate for that individual.” The Veterans Clinic offers free focused representation to veterans, military members and their families. Muth directly supervises the Veterans Clinic on a day to day basis and explains they have three specific areas in which they help veterans. The three areas include- Dispute resolution specifically for the GI Bill, working with the VA for those who have suffered catastrophic injuries and coming in to represent veterans and file appeals on their behalf, whether it is to make sure they get the medical care they need, disability compensation, etc. and Records corrections. He explains it is the records that drive the types of benefits someone will get after leaving service. He gives shares some stories of veterans they have helped and the impact their work has on their lives.


Maria Keckler - President & Founder of Superb Communications

Maria Keckler.jpg

Maria Keckler, President and Founder of Superb Communication joined Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to discuss her recent experience as one of the keynote speakers at the Inbound Conference that was held in Boston. Keckler, a national keynote speaker, leader, influencer and communicator with a servant leader’s heart is a previous guest and personal friend of Carmody. Her company, Superb Communication, helps companies, shareholders and employees communicate their messages and concerns correctly so their organizations can flourish. According to Keckler there were over 20,000 people who attended the conference, a majority being millennials. “More than 85% of the people there were millennials. So I spent two days really talking to them. I am always wondering, is what I am going to say going to resonate with them. One of the key points I have been talking about lately is Confidence 2.0 which is the idea that whatever got you here isn’t going to get you where you want to go. Our confidence often is built around our degrees, our connections what we have been able to accomplish. At some point we’re going to bump into something that is going to challenge that confidence.” Keckler told Carmody, “It was an honor and a very humbling experience to be there, to be myself. I had wanted to attend that conference for many years, they’ve been around for about five years.” Inbound marketing, according to Keckler, was a concept coined by “A HubSpot”, a technology company that help businesses get their marketing out. She explains, “What was really amazing about their approach to launching their company is that they coined this concept of inbound. Which is really smart. The marketing that you do where you send the flyers in the mail, trying to knock everybody over the head with your message that is outbound, they don’t do that. They add value first, they create eBooks people can down load for free, and are not afraid to share information for free. Being givers first. It caught fire because it’s so unusual”. She shares some of the inspiration she took away from the conference, along with the idea that the main focus is on how to connect with people. It is “the servant leadership of marketing” she said. She also shares some examples of conversations that came out of the conference between her and some of the attendees.



1. The USD Veterans Legal Clinic want to create more awareness of the free legal services offered by their clinic, an awareness of the military and veteran communities of common legal issues, and create more awareness of the civilian community of legal challenges for our veterans and military service members. Visit the USD Veterans Legal Clinic website to learn more and how you can get help or spread awareness. 

2. Embracing your story and rediscovering your authentic voice help reclaim your personal power. Maria has many motivation topics and resources to empower. Visit her website to learn more and how she is a Rise Up Servant Leader. 

Episode 89: Featuring Nico Marcolongo, Ryan Kelly, and Joe McClain

Nico Marcolongo & Ryan Kelly - GI Film Festival San Diego

Ryan Kelly and Nico Marcolongo.jpg

Ryan Kelly, US Navy Vet and local San Diego film maker joins Nico Marcolongo, retired US Marine Corps Officer on Rise Up Radio to talk about the upcoming GI Film Festival. The GI Film Festival which runs from Oct. 18-22 and features films that are directed, written and acted by military veterans. The mission of the festival is to use film therapy to bring healing to veterans and create a community where veterans and film makers can come together also to educate and preserve the legacies of our U.S. veterans. This year’s event features 34 films that tackle a wide range of topics, from World War II veterans, Pearl Harbor survivors, the Vietnam experience and more. Kelly who joined the Navy out of high school became a forensic photo and video expert working with police departments, lawyers etc. About five years ago he and a buddy decided maybe they could turn that skill into something creative and make films. “You see so much of one thing, that the creative outlets become really important. You go from seeing these tragedies nonstop to, oh I can tell stories now instead and have this creative release. It’s definitely translating from a lot of the veterans I meet and work with on films now, they’re finding this new way to express themselves and release a lot of this.” Kelly who has directed four films, won the 2015 San Diego Film Award for his work on “The Reunion”. His current film, “Refuge” will be screening at this year’s GIFF in Mission Valley. Marcolongo, a retired Marine Corp officer who served for 14 years is also the senior manager for Operation Rebound. He has been a member the Advisory Committee for the GI Film festival since the west coast’s inaugural festival. “One of the things about the festival that is really meaningful to me is it’s either about vets or vets make these films. It’s a form of expression for them. A lot of them had difficult experiences through the wars especially recently, and a lot of the topics are topical for today.” He went on to say it’s a great way to get out and really see and understand what vets go through. Both Kelly and Marcolongo discuss the films being shown this year, the stories being told through film, some of which many people are not even aware of. “Our military history has had a rich impact on this region and we don’t want that to be forgotten,” Marcolongo said.


Joe McClain - Help Heal Veterans

Joe McClain.jpg

Joe McClain, CEO for Help Heal Veterans, joined Rise Up Radio host James Carmody to unpack what Help Heal Veterans does and how they are providing free therapeutic kits to all veterans and military members receiving medical care. Help Heal Veterans, a non-profit organization, provides what they call Therapeutic Kits to injured veterans and military members. These kits include a wide variety of arts and crafts materials like models, puzzles, woodwork, painting, leather-work and much more. These kits help injured veterans and military members improve concentration, relieve symptoms of PTS, depression and help improve motor skills and concentration. They’re also used as recreational and diversion therapy for patients. McClain, a US Navy veteran served in the Navy for 30 years and went on to serve as Congressional Liaison for the United States House of Representative for the Secretary of the Navy. He is a third generation military member and tells Carmody he had one grandfather who fought in WWI, another grandfather who fought in WWII, and his father who was career Army, fought in Vietnam. He also has a son who is currently on active duty. He talks about his desire to continue to serve after getting out of the military saying, “When Help Heal Veterans was looking for a CEO, I answered the call. Help heal veterans is kind of a special place because it’s one of those things it’s what we do for a living. And how we help is not totally obvious to most folks. And it just reminds you that little things can make a big impact on someone’s life.” McClain explains each of the different kits available, how the medium is being used to heal and communicate with injured veterans and how they are helping to heal not only their bodies but their souls. He share examples of veterans who have been helped, and how people can get involved. Help Heal Veterans was founded in 1971. It’s founder was visiting the young Marines at Balboa Hospital, who were injured in Vietnam and when he asked one young man what he could do to help, the Marine told him he was bored so he went out and purchased arts and craft supplies, things that would help to keep their hands busy, and brought them back to the ward and handed them out. According to McClain, Arts and crafts have been a factor in healing for veterans along with occupational therapy and they have 8000 veterans around the country signed up who get these kits at no cost every month.



1. GI Film Festival San Diego 2017 is Wednesday, October 18th through Sunday, October 22nd at select venues across San Diego. This festival is unique in the sense that it is the one of only few that exclusively represents stories for, by, and about military service members and veterans. Visit their website to get a schedule and learn more about the GI Film Festival. 

2. To bring awareness to Help Heal Veterans and the impact they are making, visit their website. They are seeking help from local artists to help create kit design and to spread the word and help out veterans and active duty service members. 

Episode 88: Featuring Janis Whitaker and Bill Protzmann

Janis Whitaker - VetCTAP

Janis Whitaker.jpg

Janis Whitaker, Executive Director of VetCTAP (Veterans Career Transition Assistance Program), owner of JP Whitaker & Associates and author of the book, “Interviewing By Example” joined guest hosts, Phil Kendro and Eve Nadeer on Rise Up Radio to discuss how VetCTAP is helping to increase the employment rate for veterans and helping transitioning military members find success in the civilian workplace. Whitaker explains that the biggest issue for veterans and transitioning military members is learning about the job search process. The VetCTAP program provides a free eight module workshop on a monthly basis that provides one-on-one coaching, job search skills training and more. She told Kendro and Nadeer, “We serve a very unique population, maybe people are not aware of that, but most of the people who work with us or attend have actually been in the military 10 or more years, about a third have been retiring. She went on to say, “It’s very interesting, most people feel like military folks can just step from military career to a civilian career but that’s not true, especially if they have been in 10 or more years. Think about that, it’s as if they’ve been in another country for 10 years. Different culture, language, customs and now they’re moving into this corporate world with a different language, culture and customs and they really don’t know how to job search and what to do. We help them with that”. Whitaker also talks about what they focus on during each of the eight modules, gives some examples of their successful clients and how important it is to register quickly because classes are generally open for 20 people or less so they can provide individual help to each student. VetCTAP has a 90% success rate in which attendees go on to find their ideal careers. The program’s workshops are held 8 to 10 times a year, and run for four weeks with classes being held two nights a week. The last workshop for the year will begin the second week of October and will restart again the second week of January.


Bill Protzmann - Music Care Inc

Bill Protzmann.jpg

Bill Protzmann, Founder, President, CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer at Music Care Inc. joined guest hosts Phil Kendro and Eve Nadeer on Rise Up Radio to talk about Music Care Inc. and how music is instrumental in helping people heal from PTS, TBI and other emotional, physical and mental injuries. Protzmann was a part of the San Diego Veterans coalition Group’s Spiritual Affinity group, graduated magna cum laude in piano and creative writing and is author of the book, “More Than Human: The value of Cultivating Human Spirit In Your Organization.” He discusses how he uses his passion for music to help bring healing and his time with SDVCG’s Spiritual Affinity Group which led to the founding of Music Care Inc. and played a part in the writing of his book. The purpose of the Affinity Group was to ‘examine moral injury’, which Protzmann explains as what it feels like to have to do something that doesn’t line up with your beliefs. He explains that most people know inside what anger or grief or what fear feels like for them, and when they can find music that resonates for them personally, that is their power music. “Find the music that supports your anger, fear, etc.” Which is what Music Care Inc. teaches people to do. Protzmann said, “It’s a blessed thing to do, being on this mission of reawakening people to what they already know is fantastic.” He went on to say, “Whatever music you love is your power music. You can use that. Once you know what to use that for it becomes a real tool for you.” Protzmann explains that people often don’t know what do to with fear, anger or grief and when those emotions get ‘stuffed down’ they lead to depression or can prevent the body’s ability to heal. “If you can dial into those feelings in a way that’s useful to you, you’ve got something”. There is music that can unpack those feelings and let people feel them in safety. He shares an example of a veteran who ‘found his way home’ through music and how seeing that set him on the path to wanting to help others. “The idea of lifting other people up is so important these days. There’s such incredible work happening and if we can be a part of promoting that or connecting people with that in any way possible, that’s our job, that’s how I see it.”



1. In order to help transitioning military, veterans, and spouses who need help with their job search and encourage them to register and use the resources VetCTAP has to offer. Visit their website to learn about to register and what they offer. 

2. It's important for us as a community to come together and find ways to strengthen human connectivity with one another and our inner spirit. Learn more about the power of music and the resources Music Care, Inc. has to offer by visiting their website


Episode 87: Featuring Larry Blumberg, Dean Dauphinais and Angel Garcia

Larry Blumberg - Fleet Week San Diego

Larry Blumberg.jpg

Larry Blumberg, retired US Naval Captain and Executive Director for Fleet Week, sat down with Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to unpack the upcoming San Diego Fleet Week events. Fleet Week San Diego is a week long event held Oct. 11-17 to show the men and women of our military that they are appreciated by celebrating and honoring them through a week public events that showcase the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. This year’s event was set in October to coincide with the 242nd birthday of the United States Navy. Blumberg who joined the Navy in the 60’s, has lived in San Diego for over 40 years. He was Co-Founder and Executive Director of the SD Military Advisory Council (SDMAC) from 2005-2015. Blumberg talks about how he had been on board with Fleet Week awhile back, but just he got hooked back up with it at the end of last year. “Fleet Week has actually been around San Diego in one form or another since 1935. It’s got a long history, for many years it was under the Chamber of Commerce,” he said. Blumberg went on to explain, “In early 2000’s it set up its own 501c charitable organization, a foundation called the SD Fleet Week Foundation. Its focus is on the active duty men and women who serve here. There are over 100,000 navy, marine and coast guard men and women who serve right here in San Diego.” He went on to say, “This is our one chance, one week really, to give thanks for what they do for us on a daily basis. They not only serve, deploy to all parts of the world doing defense of our country, they’re our neighbors”. Blumberg describes each day’s events including the ships being open for the public to visit, and this year on Oct. 12th, Fleet Week will have a day exclusively for school children so they can explore and enjoy another first time a new interactive feature called the Innovation Zone which involves high tech equipment. Other events include a SDMAC Breakfast which is open to the public giving them the opportunity to meet the new 3rd Fleet Commander. There will also be a USO Concert in the Park, the Sea and Air Parade which includes navy ships, coast guard ships, marine air craft, navy aircraft and the new addition, vintage WWII military aircraft, a MCRD Boot Camp Challenge and more.


Dean Dauphinais & Angel Garcia - Salute II Heroes Tournament Honoring MSgt Rodney Buentello

Dean Dauphinais and Angel Garcia.jpg

Dean Dauphinais, Marine veteran, Veteran Advocate and co-founder of All Star Vets joined fellow Marine veteran Angel Garcia, Tournament Director for Salute II Heroes sat down with Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to talk about the upcoming tournament Nov. 12th& 13th in honor of MSgt Rodney Buentello. The tournament is being held to raise money for a scholarship in Buentello’s name. On June 8, 2016 Retired Marine Master Sargent Rodney Buentello, who served once in Afghanistan and twice in Iraq, was awarded two Purple Hearts, drowned after saving the lives of two teenagers who became trapped in the undercurrent of a dam at Texas Bandera City Park. MSgt Buentello was enjoying the day with his family when he saw the teens in trouble, without a thought for his own life he dove in to save them. After getting the teens to dry ground he was pulled under the dam’s fast moving water and drown before the rescue team arrived. “To survive 22 years in the Marine Corps, and multiple tours, 2 purple hearts and to still have that selflessness about him when he’s a civilian when he’s with his family. It’s just really a tremendous thing that we want to make sure that is spread widely”, Dauphinais said. He went on, “This is a true hero, this is not an NBA player that the kids are looking to as a hero this is real hero. So we really want to spread that story. He’s a true brother that we lost.” Garcia told Carmody that he served with Rodney Buentello. “We were actually stationed her at Camp Pendleton, we were roommates. He got me hooked on country music.” He said it was his only unit and Buentello’s first unit. The men kept in contact the whole time, he went on to say, “the last time I saw him was March (2016) in San Diego while Buentello was in San Diego for a Wounded Warrior conference”. When asked about how Salute II Heroes came to be, Garcia explained, “Salute II Heroes was just a crazy idea of mine that just came in my head. I was thinking of Rodney and I was thinking of ways to keep his name alive. He loved softball. Softball is a pretty big down here, a big family environment when it comes to softball. He loved his family so I just said, why not, let’s throw a softball tournament.” Garcia went on to say,“I stared running soft ball tournaments. Rodney was a big softball guy, so I started running these tournaments to raise funds to start a scholarship fund in his name to keep his name alive”. The tournament is about taking a fallen hero and taking something that hero really enjoyed and doing something to honor and remember that person. “A story like this, hopefully it inspires people to think a little bit on and reflect on, maybe I could be doing a little bit something more for somebody else and not just myself.” Dauphinais explained. Dauphinais and Garcia also talk about All Star Vets and what they are doing within communities, getting more involved with kids and how people can become involved with All Star Vets.



1. Fleet Week is October 11 - 17, 2017. It's a week long event full of appreciation and fun! Head over to their website to learn more and make sure to get your tickets! 

2. To honor and bring Rodney Buentello's story to light, Salute-2-Heroes is having their 3rd Charity Softball Tournament on November 11th and 12th. Visit their website to register and learn all about such an amazing story and event!

Episode 86: Featuring Canine Companions for Independence and Operation Engage America

Mary Milton & Sondra Thiederman - Canine Companions for Independence

Mary Milton and Sondra Thiederman both volunteers with Canine Companions for Independence sat down with Rise Up Radio host James Carmody to unpack just what Canine Companions for Independence does and how they both became involved in it’s important work in helping people with disabilities gain independence. Milton is the Chair for DogFest and is currently training her third puppy for Canine Companions. She explains to host, James Carmody, how she became involved with the nonprofit organization. “My husband and I had Newfoundland, big waterdogs, the last Newfoundland his name was Wizard of Oz, and I used him as a therapy dog and he was a crisis response dog, so we spent many many hours together doing community work, and eventually we lost him just shy of 11 years of age. When that happened I just thought I can’t go through this again. I cannot say goodbye to another pet so that is how I came to Canine Companions.” Thiederman is the Southwest Regional Board Vice President for Canine Companions and also a puppy raiser, she is currently training her 11th puppy. She talks about her love for dogs but explains, “The real thing about Canine Companions is the people and the lives that they change. That’s the real draw for me. The dogs are fantastic, but the human beings that live more independent lives, that’s what gets me teared up actually.” She goes on to say, “The thing too about them that touches me is that these dogs are free of charge to the recipient. They cost roughly $50,000 to create and we’re purely funded by outside funding.” Canine Companions for Independence began in 1975 in Santa Rosa, it provides specially trained assistant dogs to kids, veterans and adults who have special needs with physical, cognitive and/or development disabilities. Dogs are trained in four types of assistance from retrieving dropped items to pulling wheelchairs. Milton and Thiederman discuss how the puppies are raised and trained, and how they are matched with their recipients. They also discuss the upcoming DogFest Walk & Run which will be a day of fun, graduation speakers and demonstrations. The event will be held Oct. 21 and is free to the public.


Featured Guest Operation Engage.jpg

Howard & Jean Somers - Operation Engage America 

Howard and Jean Somers, Co-Founders of Operation Engage America sat down with Rise Up Radio Host, James Carmody to talk about the reason they started Operation Engage America and the impact they hope to have in helping veterans and their families. The Somers' youngest son Daniel, committed suicide in June 2013. Daniel joined the California Army National Guard in 2003, he was deployed to Iraq when the government was using the Guard as regular army due to the low number of regular troops at the time. His father, Howard explains after he returned from his deployment he attended the Defense Language Institute, majoring in Arabic. He went on to work for a non-government contractor in DC as an intelligence analyst and in 2007 volunteered to take a position in Iraq. “He told us he was at a secure location on a secure base, as it turns out we found out later he was actually going out on missions with special forces. Came back and he was totally different. He was a changed person. He was withdrawn, he was depressed. He was not the same person. Definitely exhibited suicidal tendencies, we found out later that he was even exhibiting suicidal thoughts after his first deployment but we were not aware of that until much later,” His father said. His parents explain how Daniel got caught up in the whole VA mess and had trouble getting a long term relationship established at the VA with mental health providers. They discovered their son was not only struggling with mental health issues but also had multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries all of which Daniel explained in his suicide letter. “Because of that and because of what happened to him we decided that, since we did not know how to approach him, we did not know what resources were available for him what resources were available for us, we decided to do something about that to hopefully help others in the same situation by creating this organization that attempts to bring together resources in local communities with veterans and their families and first-responders so that they know what resources are available to them so that they don’t get to the stage that Daniel got to and our family is in at this point.” The veteran suicide rate is 20 per day and out of that 20, 14 have not touched the VA, and only three out of the six that do make contact with the VA are actually seen by Mental Health providers. Operation Engage America is working to initiate conversations with our government to get in how it can make a change and get suicide prevention and mental health talked about.



1. Canine Companions for Independence is holding their DogFest San Diego on Saturday, October 21st in NTC Park at Liberty Station. DogFest registration starts at 8am and the walk begins at 9am followed by a day full of fun! Be sure to head over to their website to register and learn more! 

2. Howard and Jean with Operation Engage America want to make sure our community is aware of all the resources that are available for those in need in hopes to reduce to number of Veteran suicides, along with other issues of financial insecurities, mental health problems and homelessness. Head over to their website to learn how we can all Rise Up together and spread awareness.



Episode 85: Featuring Greg Bond and Gary Rossio

Greg Bond - Director of Military Education for Penn State World Campus

Featured Guest Greg Bond.jpg

Greg Bond, Director of Military Education at Penn State World Campus sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, James Carmody and Jared Kelley to discuss the importance of education and how Penn State World Campus is helping active duty military members and their families attain higher education. Bond, who served 28 years in the Marines, was deployed to 10 countries, including serving in 2004 for tsunami relief in Thailand and Indonesia and earned three Masters Degrees during his military service. It was, he explains, his life’s mission while getting his Masters to use his interpersonal skills and enthusiasm to help motivate and inspire others to appreciate the value of an education. Penn State World Campus is an online campus for Penn State University which makes higher education accessible to people throughout the world. Bond oversees the outreach efforts for the military community. He explains that the professors are trained how to deal with military students. “If a marine says I have duty tonight and I can’t make the online class. The professor is not going to say, ‘well you fail the class’. The professor is now going to say, ‘totally understand let’s do a work around, let’s see where we can do it’.” He goes on to explain that every step of the way military students are guided by a military representative and they have academic advisors to help guide them. The World Campus which was started in 1998 with four programs and 41 students today has over 125 programs, over 13,000 World Campus students and about 4000 military students which make up 25 to 30% of its student population. The online campus serves active duty military member, their families and veterans. Bond, says it was his father’s words that instilled in him the importance of getting a good education, telling his son at a young age, “Greg I don’t care what you do in life, but my only guidance to you would be get an education. I don’t care if you’re a ditch digger, be an educated ditch digger. It doesn’t matter what the job is, it’s about getting an education to better yourself.”


Gary Rossio - San Diego Veteran's Coalition

Feautred Guest Gary Rossio.jpg

Gary Rossio, an Air Force veteran, local Co-Founder of San Diego Veterans Coalition, Champion for Physical and Emotional Health Action Group and former CEO of the VA Medical Center sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about how SDVC is working to help veterans get the healthcare they deserve and need. San Diego County has 125,000 active duty military members and 225,000 veterans and Rossio discusses that the idea of the SDVC was to move the healthcare system out to where the patients live and not make them drive to La Jolla where the VA hospital is. The idea behind the SDVC is based on building and using the relationships with other veteran service organization to offer veterans complete services in healthcare, employment, housing and education. “About 1% of the population now is currently wearing a uniform and its all-volunteer. These young men and women are out there serving the country doing a great job and our job is to create that safety net to which veterans’ and families don’t fall through, we want to support them,” Rossio said. He also explains there are over 150 organizations involved in the coalition. Rossio, whose main focus is on providing healthcare to San Diego’s veterans goes on to talk about the goal of PEH (Physical and Emotional Health) is to help veterans become “their own best healthcare provider”. He talks about his experiences working for the VA, the increase in veteran patients which has gone from 25,000 unique patients in 1989 when he began working with the VA to 87,0000 veterans treated last year. Rossio points out that any veteran who is 25-30 today is probably going to live to be 80 plus and that’s another 50 years of service in which healthcare is going to be key. According to current statistics, 20 veterans a day are committing suicide which makes emotional health programs so important for veterans today. He gives the audience a list of signs to look for to help prevent suicide and discusses two great programs, Mental Health First Aide and QPR both of which help people learn how to intervene with those who may be suicidal. He also talks about the upcoming Women’s Veterans Summit coming up Oct. 13th at San Diego State.



1. Penn State World Campus wants to ensure that our Military Community is aware of a Penn State degree and the importance of education. The benefits and resources the university has to offer veterans, active service members, and their spouses is endless. Pursuing a degree is not easy but Penn State World Campus gives their students cognitive knowledge, critical thinking skills, friendships and relationships that are indescribable. Head over to their website to learn all about what they have to offer or contact Greg directly at gbond@psu.edu

2. Gary and San Diego Veterans Coalition's desire is to engage the full community of San Diego in assistance to our warriors. They want to bring community awareness of the groups and resources that exist and call to action for addition community support. You can find more information on their website or email Gary directly at garyrossio@gmail.com



Episode 84: Featuring David Bareño and Renee VanHeel

David Bareño - Think Box Concepts

Featured Guest David Bareno.jpg

David Bareno seized the opportunity to announce that he has a 5-week old baby that has so much influence on him just like how his parents has a lot of influence on him. David was born and bred in San Diego just like his parents. He has a strong passion to give back to the community and he believes that he got the passion from his parents. He talked about how the urge to give made him establish his organization –Think Box Concepts just to help people get their business back on track. He also talked about being able to play golf after spending several years learning and not getting it right. He likened it to real life situations when you try to learn something but not being in the right frame of mind keeps hindering you. One thing is for sure, no one knows how long and hard you practiced and really, no one cares but what they care about is your eventual success. This is not only applicable to golf but to all other endeavors. Towards the end of his interview, David helped to introduce the next guest – Renee VanHeel with whom he is already acquainted.


Renee VanHeel - Pay It Forward Processing

Featured Guest Renee VanHeel.JPG

Renee is known for her company, Pay It Forward Processing. It is a credit card processing company. However, there is something distinct about it. The company earmarks certain amount of money for charities on each swipe of credit card. She is also passionate about helping people. She figured out that most small businesses struggle to remain afloat and she decided to assist as many as she can. Her house got burnt several years ago and that inspired her to raise $5 million through the help of Fired Up Sisters (a group she formed) as a donation to assist several victims of tragic fires. She explained that up to 400 women willingly joined the group to help out. She also mentioned the fact that watching her friends get ripped off and overcharged led to her decision to startup a credit card processing company. Towards the end of her segment, she explained how people can join her initiative and key into her philanthropic objectives.



1. Think Box Concepts is a growing and powerful company that has many resources for other companies and small businesses that they want to share with our community.  Visit their website to learn more and how they can help you. You can also reach David on his twitter @davidofsd

2. Pay It Forward Processing wants to help rescue businesses from contracts and poor customer service within the credit card industry. Pay It Forward Processing provides businesses with an ethical way pf processing credit cards and also give back to the community. Visit their website or email info@pfprocessing.com or info@esbcharity.org

Episode 83: Kevin Cortes, Phil Kendro, and Chris Soriano

Kevin Cortes and Phil Kendro - Marine Corps Veteran's Birthday Ball

Phil Kendro and Kevin Cortes.jpg

Phil Kendro and Kevin Cortes, both retired US Marine veterans and previous guests of Rise Up Radio sit down with Rise Up host, Jared Kelley to discuss the upcoming Marine Corps Veterans Birthday Ball and the Veterans Beer Club. Kendro was a flight instructor during his military service and currently flies for San Diego Sky Tours. Cortes is on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Veterans Coalition. The men talk about how difficult the transition process can and often is for military service members retiring from the military and going back into civilian life. It was that experience that led both Cortes and Kendro to want to do something to help out other service members in San Diego. Kendro explained, “We’re transition Marines, and we’re very fortunate that this guy across from me, Kevin, had a brainstorm probably about a year and half ago and said we really need to reach out to the community and come up with an idea.” There are 2500 veteran related nonprofits in San Diego and Cortes explained, “When we were transitioning we didn’t have anyone in the civilian SD community that was giving us a hand up. We had to navigate all that San Diego had to offer with respect to veteran resources. We had to go on our own and figure it out.” That led them to create the Veteran’s Beer Club. Cortes added that they’re not promoting beer drinking, “we just called it something that has an attractive name and we’re here to promote networking. “ The US Marine Corps will be celebrating its 242nd birthday November 10th, but often according to Cortes and Kendro, although former commanding officers get invites to go, what happens is a lot of folks once they depart military service aren’t getting the invites. Going to a ball as a retiree isn’t always a good fit. “So there is kind of an identity loss there, “Cortes said, adding, “I think the key factor in that is never forgetting. That’s a resonating theme throughout our service. Never forget where you came from, being a Marine is something that is part of our DNA. And being a Marine is something we need celebrate and we can never forget, it doesn’t stop when you get out of uniform.” Kendro explained the concept of having a veteran’s ball was born. The Ball is also a benefit with money going to the Marine Corps Scholarship Program, Toys for Tots and the San Diego Veterans Coalition. All veterans are invited, not just Marines.


Chris Soriano - Clever Talks

Featured Guest Chris Soriano.jpg

Chris Soriano, CEO and Executive Board Member of Clever Talks joined Rise Up Radio host, Jared Kelley to talk about rallying people in San Diego around the veterans and to discuss Clever Talks upcoming Tactical Fest which will benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation. Clever Talks holds events with inspiring speakers who are viral stars and different YouTube celebrities, and well known successful businessmen and entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban. Soriano told Kelley that he wanted to inspire a lot of people through using ideas. They put on a conference that included some YouTube celebrity and viral stars as speakers, and from there began getting a lot of people approaching him telling him how the conference had really changed their lives. He and his team also began to realize a majority of their audiences were military. “From there we said, let’s go all in and figure out why these military troops are coming to the events, why do they want to get inspired and what are they searching for”. He added that things just pivoted from there. When asked why he does this, he said, “My heart string that was tugged constantly was really ideas. An idea is a thought or suggestion to a possible course of action. When you have an idea that is where your life changes.” He went on to say, “I want to dedicate my life finding some of these best coolest ideas. I wanted to create this unique platform where people can share their ideas and make them a reality.” Soriano unpacked the what and the why of the upcoming Tactical Fest. The event will include several great tactical companies, like 5.11 Tactical and some great defense companies. He also told Kelley there will be a night-vision escape submarine that the community can board. He explained that they have been able to partner with the Maritime Museum who is letting them use their B-39 Submarine so that the community can wear night-vision goggles and experience what it’s actually like to “get in there and navigate like you’re on a Special Forces team.” The National Guard will be there and there will be food trucks, lots of demonstrations, a beer truck and more. Soriano also shares how he got Mark Cuban to speak and their event this past January. 



1. The University Club is hosting the San Diego Marine Corps Veterans Birthday Ball Celebration on Saturday, November 18th. They are inviting ALL San Diego Veterans to celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday. Head over to their website to get more details and purchase tickets. Any questions can be directed to usmcveteransball@gmail.com and vbcsandiego@gmail.com

2. Clever Talks is hosting Tactical Fest on Saturday, September 9th 11am - 5pm at Waterfront Park San Diego. It will be an unforgettable experience. Mark your calendars and head over to their website to get all the details. You can also contact Chris directly at Chris@CleverTalks.com