Episode 38: Featuring Mark Fingerlin and Rebecca Massoud

Mark Fingerlin & Vistage

Most people strive to and work to become successful but what is success? If you cannot define for yourself what success looks like, how well are you doing navigating the path to achieve it. Mark Fingerlin of Vistage International sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts James Carmody and Jared Kelley to unpack what Vistage is, what it’s goal is and what it takes to become not only successful but a true servant leader. Fingerlin explains that Vistage is an organization that was founded in Milwaukee in 1957 on the principle that, “None of us are smarter than all of us and therefore if we bring people together who have a shared interest in providing un-biased agenda free advice to each other in return for the same when they need it, then we can all do better.” The goal of Vistage according to Fingerlin is to enhance the lives and improve the effectiveness of business leaders and to give them a place where we help them become better leaders, make better decisions and ultimately get better results. Leaders are those who try to influence others, they must be willing to serve the people they are trying to influence, because those they are leading help them to become successful. Leading doesn’t mean getting people to do the things they want to, but to do those things they need to but many not want to in order for them to find their own success.



Rebecca Massoud & Shine

Rebecca Massoud, Entrepreneur, business coach and founder of SHINE sat down with Rise Up Radio Hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about SHINE and the five secrets of success in business for women. Massoud worked in the corporate world in a marketing position that took up most of her time, one day she felt as if everything was crashing down on her. That day was also her birthday, and as she explained to Kelley and Carmody it became the day she got her wake-up call. She remembered her dream to one day start her own business and the very next Monday she called her boss and explained she was cutting down her hours. It was the first step and about nine months later she had quit her job and started her own business. Massoud’s desire is to inspire entrepreneurs, particularly women to help the discover how to attract and inspire their dream clients so they can create a substantial income and have an even bigger impact on others and their communities. “It is all about creating that one big life, finding the thing that lights you up and to honor what your calling is.” She said. 

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1.  If you would like to contact Mark Fingerlin you may email him at mark.fingerlin@vistagechair.com

2. To know more about Rebecca or SHINE visit her Website by clicking here.