Episode 39: Featuring Tim Mathues, Roy Baldwin and Mike Rouse

Tim Mathues- Veterans Outreach

3.2 million people live in San Diego County and 1.2 million of that population are either active military, veterans or families of veterans. That means one in three people living in San Diego are members of the military family. Because there is such a large number of people living in San Diego County connected to the military it is important they get the assistance, support and help they need. Tim Mathues, Vietnam veteran and Veteran Outreach coordinator for San Diego’s office of Military Veteran Affairs sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about how San Diego veterans and families of veterans can get assistance and the support they need. Mathues who joined the Marines in 1969 served until 1971. He has over 40 years’ experience working in human resources and sometime between 2012 & 2013 he decided he wanted to give back to his fellow veterans. He started by working at the VA hospital as a volunteer and a year later went to work for the County, two months later Mathues found himself in the role of coordinator and became the person who developed hiring initiatives for veterans, women’s programs, diversity and college programs. The veteran’s outreach through the Military Veteran Affairs provides the much needed services for transitioning veterans and their families. Making the switch from being in the military back into being a civilian can be rough and the organization assists veterans and their families with that process.


Roy Baldwin-Project Gratitude

Those who serve in our military often give their lives in doing so, leaving behind spouses, children and parents who have to deal with the grief of their loved ones. There is an organization called “Got Your Back” that provides services to the families of fallen soldiers regardless of how that soldier has fallen. Roy Baldwin who is President of “Got Your Back Network” sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts James Carmody and Jared Kelley to talk about how the great work the organization does for our fallen soldiers families. Baldwin, whose son Cmdr. Andy Baldwin served in 2009 as an underwater medicine specialist for a SEAL unit in Hawaii lost two of his fellow offers in Afghanistan and saw firsthand the direct effect of that loss on the families. It moved Cmdr. Baldwin into wanted to do something to help, so he started the Got Your Back Network and asked his dad Roy to take on the role of President. Baldwin talked with Kelley and Carmody about one of the programs for the families called Project Gratitude. The project which started about seven years ago began with a partnership with the Miss America Pageant. It honors the surviving spouses or Gold Star moms by making them honorary Miss Americas. The women are invited to Atlanta for four days where they get the opportunity to bond with each other and share their stories when the pageant airs. This past September they honored 15 Gold Star mothers. The first few years it was the surviving spouses and this year they decided to go with honoring the mothers.


Mike Rouse & Exodus Ministry

Mike Rouse, author of the book, “From Zero to Sixty-The Speed of Life” sat down with James Carmody, Jared Kelley and guest co-guest Roy Baldwin on Rise Up Radio to discuss how he met Baldwin, became involved with “Got Your Back Network” and the start of his own nonprofit organization called Exodus Ministry. Both organizations help those who are in need of assistance in transitioning from one life experience to another. Rouse is an active runner and it was running that brought him together with Baldwin. Originally from Texas, he has lived in San Diego for 18 years now, he met a couple of SEALS in his running group and it wasn’t long before they became close friends. “I saw the quality, integrity and the honor that these men carry. I have never met men who are so willing to give everything to their country.” Rouse said. Rouse met Cmdr. Baldwin through his running group and after Baldwin ran one year with Rouse during his birthday run (he runs his age in miles), and asked him to come on board with the “Got Your Back Network.” He met Roy Baldwin at that time. He has helped to raise money for veteran groups such as Reboot which is a subsidiary of the Boot Campaign started by Morgan Luttrell, twin brother of Marcus Luttrell of Lone Survivor, he also put on a race for Marcus Luttrell’s group Team Never Quit and many other fundraising runs. Rouse began running after he spent 14 months in prison in 1986 for cocaine. While incarcerated he realized he needed to do something to get his life on the right track so he began running. Once he was paroled he started running every day and started racing at age 33. It was after he got into his 50s he decided life isn’t about how fast he could run or getting that trophy, but it was about giving back. After having gone down the wrong road and doing time in prison Rouse understood how difficult it can be for former offenders to transition back into the world. “How does a man or a woman who comes out of prison put their life back together if they have families or friends who have walked away from them?” he said. “They don’t go to church for help because they feel like they’re going to be judged or they feel unworthy,” he goes on. That is when he started Exodus Ministry based on the book of Exodus in the bible that talks about the people coming out of bondage and wandering in the wilderness for 40 years before they found true freedom. “These men and women need help to give them strength and hope”. The non-profit gives them and their families that help and hope. 

Take Action

1. Tim Mathues loves to contribute and do what he can for the Military community. To get in touch with him email him at timothy.mathues@sdcounty.ca.gov

2. Roy Baldwin contact rebaldwin1@gmail.com

3. Mike Rouse contact  mike,rouse52@gmail.com