Episode 40: Featuring Christian Sorensen and Dave Elhoff

Christian Sorensen

Are you engaged and passionate about what you are doing, and if not, what are you doing to do differently tomorrow? Christian Sorensen, spiritual leader at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas sat down with Rise Up Radio host James Carmody to talk about what it means to live life being conscious of your social choices. Sorensen, who is also a well-known author released his newest book entitled, “Living from the Mountain Top: Be the Mystic You Were Born to Be.” The book helps people discover how to move beyond being a victim in the world to taking charge of their consciousness, which begins with taking responsibility for not only your choices but your thoughts. Sorensen is the director of The United Centers For Spiritual Living School of Ministry and he also talked with Carmody about an upcoming event being held at the Unity Center is Mira Mesa. The event, being held by the Association of the Global New Thought has guest speakers coming from all over the world to attend. “Sometimes we gotta listen to our hearts, we gotta listen to our spirits even when it supersedes authority.” Sorensen explained. It is those times when you get bad news from the doctor, times when you can choose to accept the ‘bad report’ and move forward from the ‘valley’ and see the higher picture. Sometimes people get stuck in believing something is ‘just the way it is’, but what they don’t realize is they have it within themselves to change it and not accept it.



Dave Elhoff

Most people start out handling their money matters using a program that is inherently flawed. There is a better way to build wealth and it doesn’t come by using that cookie cutter, one size fits all program. Dave Elhoff, navy vet, master with money, financial thought doctor and member of the Wealth and Wisdom Institute sat down with Rise Up Radio host James Carmody to talk about what that flawed plan is and what everyone should be doing to ensure they have the finances they need to make it through life and retirement. According to Elhoff the flawed financial formula that says to take $100 a month and put it into savings or investment that will give a certain interest rate and over a period of time it will grow to a specified amount. What makes this plan flawed is it does not take into consideration that the dollar fluctuated in value and because of that we don’t know what that value will really be in the end. Also not taken into consideration in this plan is the interest rates that are projected is completely unpredictable. Elhoff goes on to explain that many people are basing their financial futures on a flawed formula and by using a flawed formula, they will fail. Everyone is different and each situation is also different, so it is important to know how to invest in your financial future based on the individual situation. “There isn’t a single product out there that will solve the problem. It takes discipline to do the work, getting the information and putting it into an organized model”, he told Carmody. 

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