Episode 41: Featuring Vishal Amin & Kevin Cortes

Vishal Amin

In March of 2015 Vishal Amin found himself on a hit list released by ISIS. He was among the top 100 military men and women ISIS was out to kill and whose names, pictures and addresses appeared with an order from the terror group to be killed by anyone who claimed to be a supporter of the group. Amin, who joined the Marine Corps in 1999 severed for 17 years doing two tours in the Middle East and a couple of tours overseas. After finding himself on this hit list, Amin decided it was time to end his military career. From that day forward Amin and his family lived with having to have constant protection, his children could no longer just go outside to play, they had to sell their home and moved several times. He explained, “The simple mismanagement of the way we handle identity and data put me in the position where I lost my way of life. And I didn’t even have social media at the time.” Amin discusses with Kelley and Caromdy the struggle to transition from not only his military service, but from having to live in a proverbial cave because of the threats made to his life. He explains how he not only took his life back again, they discuss the topic of the struggles those who are leaving the military or being forced to leave because of military cuts to transition into civilian life. 


Kevin Cortes Helping Veterans Transition

Keven Cortes, who lives in San Diego is the Executive VP of the Association of Naval Services Officers and is a 20 year Marine Corps veteran. Cortes, a former H-53 helicopter pilot works extensively with veterans helping them to transition from military life into the civilian life. Cortes sat down with James Carmody and Jared Kelley on Rise Up Radio to discuss the need for bridge building between the civilian employment world and military veterans. He explains to Carmody and Kelley the importance of understanding and learning what our military personnel are facing and having to endure when they go through that transitional process after leaving the service. With over 725,000 or 33% of all the residents in San Diego County having ties to the military, whether it’s being active duty, veterans or families of active or retired veterans, there is a great need to help those who are struggling to make the transitions. According to Cortes there are many non-profits out there who are geared toward helping military families, however at this time there is no education on what the veterans capabilities are when it comes to being able to help them find employment or determine the training needed to transition using the skills they have from their military service into private sector jobs. 

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