Episode 43: Featuring Dave & Nicole Franco and Gabe Mathews

Dave And Nicole Franco LinkBook Legacies

When a family member passes away, all too often the stories of their lives die with them. The individual stories of each generation keeps those connections alive. So how can people ensure they leave the legacy of their life story for each generation? Dave and Nicole Franco, founders and owners of Linkbook Legacies sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to unpack what it means to do just that. Dave worked as a copywriter and his wife Nicole was a film producer. In 2010 Dave was asked to become the marketing writer for The Rock Church in San Diego. He was asked to write a story for a woman who had a remarkable story for the church. After he was finished his supervisor called him and told him they no longer want him to do the marketing writing but to focus only on writing other people’s stories. For two years Franco wrote people’s stories, covering the pivotal events in their lives. When they realized how many family stories were lost when those stories died with a family member, the Francos decided to come up with an idea where people could tell their stories leaving a legacy that deepens those relationships and build connections. Nicole explained to Carmody and Kelley, “When Dave writes a story, he makes it like a short film, so like when you are reading it, it’s like a new story.” LinkBook Legacy makes it possible for families to rediscover and relearn the stories of their family, to create a book that is special and unique for each family. 

Gabe Mathews Christian Brothers Cleaning and Restoration Company

What should be the goal of having a successful business, where does giving back fit into that success? Gabe Mathews, President of Christian Brothers Cleaning and Restoration sat joined Rise Up Radio hosts James Carmody and Jared Kelley to talk about his family owned business and how important giving back to your community is. Mathews’ father Mark started his carpet cleaning out of the back of a pickup truck in 1980, and today that business employs 30 people and has expanded their services to include emergency restoration services. Gabe has been with the family business since 2000. He is not only the company’s President he runs their Emergency Mitigation Service department. Mathews talks to Kelley and Carmody about how working with people who experienced a water damage emergency sparked his interest in starting the emergency division in Christian Brothers company. After high school he had asked his dad for a job, but his dad told him no. After a while his dad finally agreed and gave him the lowest position on the toteum pole. When an emergency water damage project came in, Gabe was sent to work, and it was this work that sparked his interest in specializing in restoration and emergency services. He explains that he considers their business similar to that of being a doctor for the house, allowing him to help people without having had to get all that medial schooling. It is this desire to help others that at the heart of the company’s goal. Mathews is getting ready to start his term as newly elected President of the Boys and Girls Club, just one of the ways he and his family’s business gives back. “What good would we be, at least in our eyes, if we were a successful company, made all this money and never gave any of it away? That is one of our main goals...finding ways to help others and give back.” 

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1. Dave & Nicole have captured stories that will live for lifetimes. To know more about LinkBook Legacies visit their website here.

2. Gabe along with is team have helped many people out of difficult situations. Visit their website to find out more or contact Gabe at 619.469.8955.