Episode 44: Featuring Leora Langs & James Beck

Leora Langs  - Room to Read

Close to 800 million people around the world are illiterate and sadly 2/3 of them are girls and women, but Room To Read is working to change this. Leora Langs who is part of the Savii Group, a management consulting firm and active volunteer and leader for Room To Read, a nonprofit global charity. Langs sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, James Carmody and Jared Kelley to discuss how this not-for-profit is working to change the world through bringing education and gender education equality into remote countries around the world. Langs also discusses the “Network For a Cause” even that is being held on December 8th. Langs heads Room to Read’s San Diego chapter, she regularly attends the National Convention on Volunteering and Service and believes volunteering is the greatest way to serve and help local and global communities. She also discusses how and where to go for those who want to give back through volunteering. Charity Navigator has for 10 consecutive years given Room to Read its highest rating of four stars, a rating that only 1% of their rated charities can claim.

James Beck - Give Beck

He went from being a suicidal adolescent to the happiest man in the world. So what brought about this transformation? James Beck, author of the book, “Hey Dad, Remember Me?” sits down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to discuss his life transformation as well as what he calls his pay it forward social experiment aptly called, “Do Good”. Beck opens up about his abusive childhood and how at 11-years-old he had reached the point of attempting suicide using his father’s gun by playing Russian roulette and how someone driving down their driveway broke the dark trance he said so many with PTSD suffer put themselves into. He decided to try again later. After telling his father about his attempt, his father realized what he had been doing and began working to make it up to his son by serving him. It was this act of loving him through service that made him go from feeling worthless to feeling priceless. It also created a desire within him to bring this change and hope to others by giving away everything he owned and setting out to serve others around the country. Beck explains that at the time he decided to give everything away he was managing a post-surgical recovery center in Beverly Hills. It wasn’t like he was giving up junk. “I had nice stuff, so it wasn’t like I gave away a bunch of garbage. It wasn’t cinderblock furniture, it was things like art imported from the Far East, nice flat screen TVs, etc.” He said. He discusses when he realized he had been hiding behind his things and once he gave it all away, he realized those things has been ‘psychological hooks’, his possessions actually owned him which gives a false sense of pride. Giving everything way freed him as a man Beck explains. He tells Carmody and Kelley how with only $120 to his name, he began traveling around the country with a goal to serve one family in every state for three days. He set off to love others through service by offering to do whatever a family needed whether it was manual labor to repair a window or a fence to taking a couple of boys fishing to fulfill a promise a father was unable to fulfill. 

Take Action

1. Room to read has impacted many children all around the world. To know how you can be part of the movement visit their website to get more information. 

2. James Beck has been on a journey to spread happiness through acts of service. Make sure to visit Givebeck.com and join BeGood.  The team will be picking three lucky winners to be served by James.