Episode 45: Featuring Scott Tucker & Erin Weidemann

Scott Tucker-Be Financially Fit

Transitioning out of the military can be difficult for our men and women in the military, and for many, planning for their financial future is an aspect all too often that is neglected. So what are the steps that can be taken to ensure a more financially successful transition? Scott Tucker, founder and CEO of Be Financially Fit sits down with Rise Up Radio hosts, James Carmody and Jared Kelley to discuss how his organization is helping military veterans and their families “go from deployment to” using what he calls intentional transition. Tucker who served as an officer for more than six years did a tour in Iraq, had several Middle East Deployments and has worked with people from all military branches. His experiences instilled a passion for giving back and helping transitioning military men and women achieve financial wellness after leaving the military. He talks about lead him to join West Point and set him on the path to helping others. Tucker explains to Carmody and Kelley that he believes in taking a holistic approach to financial planning, planning that will help bring not only wellness to their wealth, but their lives as a whole. His focus and goal is to help military and veterans who have some unique transitions throughout their career lives. 

Erin Weidemann-Bible Belles

Erin Weidemann is the founder and CEO of Bible Belles, she is an author, speaker and hosts a podcast called Heroes For Her. She is also a five time cancer survivor with a heart to teach young girls how to discover the beauty and courage they have within. Bible Belles, a multimedia publishing company produces children’s bible stories about the amazing women of the Bible. Weidemann sat down with Rise Up Radio Hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about how her battles with cancer lead her to discover the path she was meant to follow. She also discusses how her books Bible Belles were born out of a desire to give young girls real heroes. “The Bible Belles were born out of my struggles with insecurity, competition and comparisons as a girl”, she explains. She discusses how after spending 10 years in full time teaching, she saw too many young girls struggling with their self-worth and identity. They are being told by the voices of the world that in order to be valuable and beautiful they must fit ‘into the box’ according to the world’s definition of beauty. Weidemann tells Kelley and Carmody too many girls tell themselves, “I’m not beautiful, I’m not enough I don’t have anything to offer so I need to change things about myself to fit inside the world’s definition of beauty. I have to fit myself inside this box.” They need to learn this is wrong. H.E.A.R.D. which is the first initial of the five women who are the Bible Belles, Hanna, Ester, Abigail, Ruth and Deborah is the vehicle Weidemann created to help girls discover what true beauty is, how much God loves them and what their purpose in life is. 

Take Action

1.  Visit Scott Tucker's website Be Financially Fit and click contact or schedule a free consultation. 

2. Erin's series of books is set to transform the mind of young girls. Visit Bible Belles website to see the three books out now from their HEARD series.