Episode 47: Featuring Robert Jensen, Heather Borsos and Navid Hannanvash

Robert Jenson, Heather Borsos

San Diego Christian College just recently opened its new campus in Santee, Ca. the school’s VP for Advancement, Robert Jensen sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts James Carmody and Jared Kelley to talk about college and the difference it is making in the community. The men were joined by Heather Borsos who is a senior at SD Christian, she has a 4.0 GPA, is a dual athlete, is in Pre-med and volunteers looking for ways to help the community. Jensen who is a born and raised San Diegan, lived in the Netherlands for a few years where he played soccer, worked in the corporate world and went on to become the pastor of a small church. When his mother became ill Jensen moved back to San Diego. He landed a job which lead him to the position he currently holds as VP at the college. Jensen and Borsos unpack the differences between private Christian colleges and public secular colleges. “It’s about close relationships that are forged between not only students, but the faculty with the students,” Borsos said. The school focuses not only on providing outstanding academic education, they also believe in teaching those academics through a biblical world view. Jensen explains the college runs on what they call the ABCs of education. To academically equip their students with the biblical world view to be culturally involved. Everything has to do with looking through the lens of the biblical world view. Whether it’s athletics, whether its academics, whether it’s music, service hours in the community, it is all about who are identity is in Christ. To be globally and culturally involved.



Navid Hannanvash - RISE Physical Therapy

Navid Hannanvash, Owner and CEO of RISE Physical Therapy sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to discuss the work his company is doing within the community and what makes RISE different than other physical therapy clinics. Rise which stands for Revolution in Self Evolution, is founded on the belief that true health is a journey of strengthening not only the body, but the mind and the spirit. Hannanvash explains to Kelley and Carmody that his clinics are not merely treating and helping patients get healing, but puts the focus on helping them learn how to take care of their own bodies using simple stretching and exercise techniques. Hannanvash has been an athletic trainer, strength coach, consultant and physical therapist. He realized people needed tools to help them become proactive in their health. He decided it was time to find an alternative to a healthcare system that focuses on getting people in, keeping them in as longs as possible and draining them of everything, to catching people before the injuries and helping them to build up their physical health by being proactive. 

Take Action

1.  For more information, please visit sdcc.edu. To contact Robert Jensen directly he can be reached by email at Robert.Jensen@sdcc.edu

2.  To see how RISE Physical Therapy can help you visit their website by clicking here or contact Navid at 858.755.5200