Episode 49: Featuring Sarah Carter, Diana Bahena, Aaron Brinkman & Coach Ro

UrbanLife - Sarah Carter, Diana Bahena, Aaron Brinkman

Jared Kelley and James Carmody host Urban life ministries team members, Sarah Carter, Diana Bahena and Aaron Brinkman; and later speak with grass-root San Diego football Coach, Coach Ro, reminiscing on his vision, his intentions and the early obstacles and success recorded. Urban Life Ministries is an organization focused on developing young leaders in and around City heights and South Eastern San Diego, preparing them to be future leaders with focus in areas of civic responsibility and making sure they are ready for the labor market. Urban life operate and runs various sister organizations to meet its objective of youth capacity in the community. Urban life ministries spoke with Rise Up Radio on their various social programs ranging from language tutorials, to culinary programs, farming programs, among other programs. Sarah Cater, the executive director of Urban Life ministries gave spoke briefly on how it all started, what inspired the ministry, their programs, what has kept them going, the challenges and their progress so far. Diana Bahena who handles after school training program is one of the five apprentices at Urban Life Ministries. Fortunately, she graduated from Urban life ministry's internship program, after being introduced by her friend in her high school days. She spoke on her role at the organization, how she works with athletes, majorly from San Diego State University and they organize after school tutorial sessions for high school students in the community. Diana also spoke of an amazing retired couple who are currently volunteering by helping majorly migrants who are second English speakers to polish their English language through one on one sessions. She hinted on how Urban College interestingly offers over 30 languages and 80 dialects at the moment. Aaron Brinkman handles operation in the Urban farm and he talks us through their operation and how they engage students from the neighborhood. He speaks on how Urban Farms help students prepare for the labor market, alongside their culinary program handled by Josh Karmel, a professional Chef. Aaron discussed the progress, their catering service and how it has been of great positive impact to the community and San Diego at large.


Coach Ro

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 Coach Ro is a passionate football coach who has invested over twenty years of his life in grooming and discovering talents in San Diego, a city he believes to be the best in terms of footballing talents. Surprisingly, Coach Ro's philosophy involves drilling his players with the message of the need for brilliant academic performance alongside their passion. Coach Ro told Kelley and Carmody just a few of many success stories from the students who have gone to school with a scholarship. He admits he feels very proud and motivated to do more each time he is appreciated and acknowledged by his players. It is always interesting and engaging to discuss and be informed on the little thing great people are doing to impact positively and the progress being made


Take Action

1. To know more about UrbanLife and the leadership development happening in San Diego visit their website UrbanLife

2. Coach Ro has been changing the lives of many talented athletes for many years. To contact Coach Ro you can reach him by phone 858-922-8668 or by email at hoggheaven56@yahoo.com