Episode 46: Featuring Kalani Creutzburg and Eve Nasby

Kalani Creutzburg

Kalani Creutzburg served in the Marine Corps for ten years, his transition back into civilian life like many veterans was difficult. He struggled with depression, PTSD and isolated himself from others. After spending six weeks on the streets he finally reached out for help. Determined to overcome the difficult transition many veterans experience after leaving the military, he found healing through community service and ultimately became Founder and CEO of Cammies & Canines. Creutzburg sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about his journey from being homeless to founding Cammies & Canines to help fellow veterans struggling with transition find healing. Cammies & Canines repurposes used cammies into dog toys and also sell leashes, collars and shirts. The money from sales is  then used to resupply homeless packages for veterans. The homeless packages contain things like socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, a shirt, a meal and toiletries. They are used as a means to open up a way to connect with veterans and ultimately provide them the help they need to get connected in their communities. Creutzburg discusses their soon to come doggie daycare sanctuary appropriately called, "It's Just Puppies Love". A daycare for dogs that will be operated by veterans. He explains to Kelley and Carmody how they have called it a sanctuary because not only does it provide a safe place for dogs whose owners want or need daycare, but it also helps the vets who care for the dogs as they'll experience daily healing through therapeutic emotional time with the animals. 


Eve Nasby Of BRAVE

Eve Nasby of Amerit Enterprise staffing agency sat down with Rise Up Radio Hosts James Carmody and Jared Kelley to talk about BRAVE (Business Recruiting Allies for Veterans). Amerit helps veterans with resume writing, interview skills and discovering job opportunities available for veterans. “Veterans have a lot to bring to any company”, Nasby explains. She discusses the incredible network BRAVE has that works to help the veteran population in the San Diego area find great jobs not only locally but nationally. Recruiters find out about the jobs available, check out those opportunities and make the matches with qualified veterans. She tells Carmody and Kelley there is a great need out there for people to rise up and help our military veterans understand who they are and to find their purpose in life. Typically those who join the military do so because it gives them a purpose to be a part of something bigger, something they need to rediscover when they make that transition back into civilian life.  BRAVE not only helps match veterans with opportunities, they teach civilian recruiters how to find great veterans for themselves, how each branch of the military is different and what types of talent a company can expect depending branch of service the veteran is coming from. Nasby also discusses the “BRAVE 1000 Project” for 2017. She explains how the project’s goal is to have 1000 veteran’s hired in 2017 and to track and acknowledge those companies who hire those veterans. 

Take Action

1.  Kalani has been able to overcome his own struggles and is now dedicated to helping others who are in the position he was in through Cammies and Canines. They are now accepting contributions that will help towards the healing of veterans and the Doggy Daycare Sanctuary.  Learn how you can donate by visiting PuppiesLove.org

2.  BRAVE is dedicated to finding the right Veteran candidate for businesses. To learn more of their services visit their website by clicking here.