Jeff Blanton on Jailbreak leadership & Purpose, Hero of the Week - Tobias Haglund

How many people can truly say, “I know my purpose"? Jeff Blanton of Blanton Group joined us this week to talk about this adventure of living out of a sense of purpose. Several years ago Jeff stepped away from the corporate world to answer that question for himself. Bottom line, since he had been asking the question most of his career the result was more of a confirmation than an answer to the question. Jeff’s goal is simple but daunting, “Mobilize one million people to play bigger both personally and professionally.” In addition to the confirmation was an expectation to take what he does to a whole other level. “How can someone expect others to play big when your are not willing to personally take the plunge?” This process has lead Jeff to really look at what works, what does not work and how he can best bring this information to the masses. As great as Jeff’s programs are , he will be the first to tell you it is a work in process. “When you are on purpose, you continue to be surprised by amazing revelations.” If you are being called to go beyond the status quo and go after really big goals, it might be time to talk to the guy who has been chartered to make it happen. 

Tobias Haglund, our Hero of the Week, joined us on air to share about his work with youth in East San Diego County with Young Life.  Tobias has been working with Young Life, a ministry that invests in the life of youth since 2005 and has been on staff in San Diego for the past 6 years. Tobias works as both the Regional Capernaum Coordinator for the Southcoast Region of Young Life and also as the local Area Director for Young Life in East County San Diego.  Tobias pioneered the Capernaum club here in San Diego to create an inclusive community for youth with special needs and to support for their families.  


  1. Give your business, organization or event fresh inspiration with a keynote, half-day seminar, or training from Blanton Group. 

  2. Get involved or make a financial contribution to support and serve local youth through Young Life ministries. Email Tobias Haglund.