Episode 11 featuring Sarah Jensen - Director of The Adoption Center of San Diego

Sarah Jensen has worked in sthe adoption field since 1991 as an adoption facilitator and was trained as a Certified Open Adoption Practitioner by the National Federation for Open Adoption. Sarah is a public speaker and educator in Open Adoption as well as aformer chair of San Diego Association for Life, Board member of Agnes Del Foundation- Lamb of God Maternity Home and served the Adoption Coalition of San Diego. Sarah is married to David Elhoff, they share a blended family that includes a son, two daughters and seven grandkids, including an adopted baby girl! “Adoption is a difficult and noble choice. I have tremendous compassion and respect for birth parents and I feel privileged to work with them. It is an honor and a blessing to assist the birth families and adoptive families as they create loving, successful adoptions.” — Sarah Jensen, Director Adoption can also seem overwhelming to prospective adoptive parents. We know that one on one, hands-on support and adoption education benefits our adopting families. We offer education workshops and monthly support groups to our adopting parents


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