Episode 14:Featuring Ryan Ponsford, Camille Cassin & Craig Vandyke

Today we spoke with Ryan Ponsford, founder and owner of Akili Capitol here in San Diego. Ryan has over 15 years’ experience helping people to take value driven actions that will increase their wealth. Akili takes a proactive approach to creating new wealth, focusing on owning and monetizing companies, real estate, and handling inheritance well. One of the first steps Ryan takes with his clients is helping them discover their vision and values, often utilizing giving to charities in this process. Out of this grew Main Street Philanthropy, a non-profit organization that goes into school and teaches teens about values driven financial decisions and helps them raise money for various charities.

Also on the show today we were so encouraged to have Camille Cassin and Craig Vandyke with Turning Point Pregnancy Resource and Brothers in Arms. Turning Point is a community based non-profit that began a little over 15 years ago as a crisis pregnancy helpline in a church basement and has grown into a fully functioning crisis pregnancy center with 8 full time employees and 30 volunteers. Camille and Craig don't just have a heart for the women involved in a crisis pregnancy, but for the men as well. They also started an outreach to the men, called Brothers In Arm. They not only counsel men, but help them navigate the demands of fatherhood in practical ways, like helping them to find jobs. 

Take action

1. Take steps to ensure a secure financial future at  or contact Ryan at rponsford@akilicap.com. Also, they will be doing a podcast on April 24th called "Mastery Initiative". Get more infomation on their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/masteryinitiative  

2. The Turning Point Pregnancy Center will be hosting a "Race for Life" on Saturday, April 30th. Check out their website: www.mmpregnancy.com for more information or contact Camille directly at (858) 397-1970