Episode 13: featuring john wheeler and joe Deutsch

John Wheeler, financial advisor of Akili Capital works with families to help them build upon the wealth that they’ve already accumulated. The preservation of wealth is something that usually passes on from generation to generation, but it’s uncommon for heirs to be taught how to create more. Akili Capital provides counseling and instruction on how to use the properties, businesses and other assets within the family to catapult the next generation into that same monetary comfort. The great thing about their services is that while they help your family with wealth management, they also make it a point to encourage you to contribute back to your community and reach out to those who’ve helped you or your family’s business.


Insurance guru and father of 4, Joe Deutsch, talks about the importance of insurance knowledge and risk exposures. Understanding what your insurance covers will save you a lot of time and money when you’re faced with times of catastrophe and Joe’s company is there to explain exactly what you have as well as what other options are out there. The last thing you want to do is discover that you aren’t covered for as much as you may think, and the security behind the peace of mind attributed to sitting down with an insurance advisor will ensure that you are covered for as much as possible without breaking the bank. 


Take action

1. If you’re interested in wealth management counseling, contact John at jwheeler@akilicap.com

2. To get in contact with Joe for insurance concerns contact him directly at 858-756-8400 or visit www.ranch-coast.com and email  info@ranch-coast.com