Episode 18: Featuring Ed Quinlan, Pablo & Branko Fernandez

How can a successful business create a powerful network with people who not only trust them but know them? What is a business relationship revolution? Ed Quinlan Market President of Corporate Alliance in San Diego, sat down with Jared Kelley of Rise Up Radio to talk about Corporate Alliance and how it is building business relationships that put good people together to bring out the best in everyone. With a focus on putting human interaction into corporate networking and relationships. When asked to explain what Corporate Alliance is, Quinlan told Kelley it is a cross between a business country club and a relationship university. They have a physical space in the UTC area, which is their ‘clubhouse’ but it that has an education component to it. They have an event center that holds 80 to 100 people, classrooms, and rooms that hold about 20 to 30 where members can come in and do whiteboard sessions with their clients, customers or employees. The events typically have tables of five, which allow those attending to forge real relationships as well as get everyone on the same page. Corporate Alliance’s mission and goal is to help businesses create a large network of trusted advisers, clients and friends that helps them to build their own influential business networks. Quinlan likens himself to Sam Malone from the 1980’s hit comedy series, Cheers. “It’s a place where people come to make friends and when you come to ‘our’ place where everyone knows your name”.


Secret Table in San Diego is an innovative event which showcases organic, local and real food creations that are also healthy, while connecting diverse community members reminiscent of those wonderful family dinners. Secret Table also gives back to the community and raises money for numerous non-profit organizations like the Autism Tree Project Foundation through sponsorships and donations. Who are the two brothers who began this amazing organizationPablo Fernandez, Founder and CEO of Secret Table and his brother and Co-Founder and COO of Secret Table, recently sat down with Jared Kelley on Rise Up Radio to talk about this delicious business and the impact it has on the communities they serve. Although the conversation is focused on Secret Table and of course their gourmet menu, Kelley asked the brothers the why behind the why of how Secret Table came about. The Secret Table actually began over 100 years ago according to the men, it was something they experienced at the ‘secret table’ dinners with their grandmother and great-grandmother, who according to the brothers, both had true servant’s hearts.The two women planted the seeds and those seeds of serving and caring sprouted into the fruit that spurred this vision the Fernandez brothers used to create the Secret Table events and experiences. Experiences that take the simple things like sharing a deliciously created meal with and turn them into something extraordinary.

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1. If you would like to connect and learn more about Coporate Alliance visit www.knoweveryone.com or email Ed directly at eq@corporatealliance.net

2. To learn more about the secret table and their one of a kind events visit their page www.secrettable.co