Episode 15: Featuring Mark Nielson & Richard Coleman

Recovering CFO, Mark Nielson Explains The Theory Behind Abundance Giving. For most if not all non-profit organizations it has been for years, a struggle to build relationships with corporations that are willing to offer the support they need to continue helping others. The majority of financial giving and support more often than not comes from individual donors in private sector. Mark Nielson, who refers to himself as a ‘recovering CFO’ is Co-founder of the “PinPoint: Find it Share It” program. Mark was a Chief Financial Officer for 25 years, volunteered as a Big Brother, sits on the board of five for profit businesses and was awarded San Diego’s Business Journal’s Innovators award. His experience as a CFO has given him a unique perspective as it relates to helping non-profit and for profit corporations to connect. Mark talks about the ‘new model’ PinPoint has developed to help company’s discover ‘found money’ by helping them discover the ways they may be unware of to save money. The idea is based on the principle of first providing and giving value to those companies before they give to charities or increase the amount they are already giving to their favorite charities. Nielson refers to this as “Abundance Giving”. When the companies PinPoint works with discover the ‘found money’, it opens up the door for them to not only give more to their chosen charities, but also increase support in other areas of the business. If found resources are not found, the PinPoint receives no compensation, however the company’s commit to giving at least 10 to 15% of that found revenue to their charity of choice. And according to Nielson this allows them to not only give more, but typically the amount donated is more than the charity would have asked for to begin with. The group call themselves Resultants on consultants because they don’t consult but they do get results. 

What is leadership and what is it that makes others want to follow someone? That is the question Rise Up Radio guest Richard Coleman asked during his recent visit with hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody. Richard Coleman is a former US Marine and the Managing Director of the Callan Course. Having spent 30 years leading others, he began using the skills he has learned, to educate and encourage others in how to become the leader everyone is called to be in one form or another. The Callan Course teaches leadership principles and skills throughout academia, in profit and not for profit businesses and various other organizations. With a focus on teaching people the life defining lessons of self-mastery and personal excellence regardless of their vocation or their position of authority. Coleman teaches others about the differences between what a leader does and how it should also represent who a leader is as a person.  Everyone is a leader in one way or another, from the stay-at-home parent who is leading their children into learning the important lessons of life to the corporate CEO who is leading those employed in the company. The concept behind Coleman’s is not only unique but life changing. 

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2. To learn more about the Callan Course and learn how to get involved visit the Callan Course at www.callancourse.com