Episode 19: Featuring Sean Puckett and Phillip Flakes

What is the true definition of being effective? How can you achieve the work-life balance everyone hopes to attain? It’s all about learning to being fully ‘present’ when you are at work and when you are at home. Sean Puckett, Senior VP of California Republic Bank and Director of STAR (Strategic Trusted Advisors Roundtable) recently joined Jared Kelley and James Carmody on Rise Up Radio to break down what it means to be fully present, and how being present leads to being a more effective leader at work and home. Working in banking, Puckett used to believe achieving success meant he had to work, work, work, putting in 15 hours or more a day including Saturdays and occasionally Sundays. During the sit down interview with Kelley and Carmody, Puckett explains how he discovered the more a person nurtures the relationships with family and the community, the more energy they will discover they have for the job.After cutting back his hours at work, becoming fully present when at home with his family he discovered it resulted in having more passion and a higher intensity when at work. Making him a more effective leader. Being fully engaged and fully present with who you are with at the time you are with them is the definition of effectiveness. It means you are bringing the best ‘present’ you to the table. This is leadership at its core. 



Phillip Flakes went from being a wholesale representative to a successful entrepreneur, owner of two businesses and philanthropist in the greater San Diego area. Flakes is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Succession Link and Co-founder of Starpoint Consulting Group. Succession Link is one of the leading communication and networking platform that connects financial advisors who are interested in selling, buying or merging their businesses. With over 9000 users involved in the Succession platform, Flakes explained Succession Link was born out of a desire from connecting the one to connecting many. Among the discussion with Carmody and Kelley, they broke down what charitable giving really is and what it looks like. It’s not only about giving money, but also about being present.

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1.  If you have any questions regarding banking Sean is available directly at 858.885.5859 or spucket.@crbnk.com

2. To learn more about succession link click here or contact Phillip at phillip.flakes@successionlink.com