Episode 20: Featuring Doug Wall and Roy Mason

How does redemption influence the heart of servant leaders? In a powerful interview with Jared Kelley and James Carmody on Rise Up Radio, author of the book ‘Redemption’ Doug Wall, discusses the story behind his book and how his investment group is bringing life changing and lifesaving technologies around the globe. Wall is not only an author, motivational speaker, he is Managing Director of Life Ventures Management, a private equity fund whose goal is to provide not only financial capital but also bring spiritual capital into each of their portfolio companies. Wall chats with Kelley and Carmody about Life Ventures’ investment enterprise Daylight Solutions. Daylight Solutions provides lifesaving technologies, including a light that is used to protect military helicopters, and soon to be used to protect commercial aircraft. This technology is also being applied at a medical diagnostic tool and is the first laser that can be used to identify cancer sooner. He also shares the story of the loss he and his wife suffered when they lost one of their children to SIDS and how four years later, when on a mission trip to Romania he experienced healing through an unexpected set of circumstances. Even the worst tragedy can be redeemed by Jesus. 


When you are living in a spirit of fear, you are not operating with a clear mind. So how do you overcome fear and learn to operate with a clear mind and be the leader we are all called to be? Roy Mason, an evangelical pastor and motivational speaker spoke with hosts of Rise Up Radio, James Carmody and Jared Kelley to answer this important question. Both Carmody and Kelley met Mason when they attended coaching seminars and Carmody considers Mason his mentor. Mason, spent 25 years being a pastor at local churches in North Carolina and for the last 16 years he has been serving in full time international evangelism. Five years ago he was also asked to serve as a Chaplin for a core training company where he leads bible studies and provides counseling services in life and leadership. Life is about living and leading with an attitude of gratitude, words seasoned with grace and giving generously of your time, talents and treasures.

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