Episode 17: Featuring Brian Daly, Matt Teeter, Carlos Sanguinetti, and Jill Chrapczynski

How it is possible for investment companies to maintain their ROI while also giving back helping others, but also build communities and at the same time create a greater sense of community? Recently, Co-Founder and CEO of REIG Asset Management in San Diego Brian Daly sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about how his investment company does just that. When asked about the name of the company Daly explained how most in the real estate investment business go with ‘real estate investment group’ when choosing their name. However, REIG is an acronym that represents the values they do business and live by which is - revitalizing communities, elevating expectations, integrity first and gratitude always. And although they are an investment group and construction company Daly explains they want to stand for more than just what they DO and the name was the way to connect with what they stand for.

Daly and his partner started out helping Wounded Warrior Homes in San Diego, an organization that helps veterans. It was such a wonderful experience in giving back and helping others, the company stared what they call the Operation Renovation program began. Daly and his business partner Patrick Clark started with nothing and began their dream/venture with $5000, $2500 from savings and the other $2500 from the sale of Clark’s boat. With that investment they got their business started and wanted to start giving back every time they touched a property. The project currently is making its way across the country renovating and revitalizing communities across the country. REIG not only changes and energizes the lives of families and those in need, they accomplish it while also maintaining the ROI most investment companies hope to achieve. 


Dinner with Friends is the brainchild of Carlos Sanguinetti, Branch Manager of Alliance Environmental Group, Inc. and Matt Teeter, who is the owner of Mesa Label Express. The men are life-long friends who wanted to raise money and awareness of the Ronald McDonald House charities of San Diego. The idea for ‘Dinner With Friends’ came to be after Sanguinetti had been diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2009. Although Sanguinetti is now fully recovered, this life changing event caused the men to both re-evaluate their lives.

Sanguinetti, Teeter and special guest, Jill Chrapczynski talk about ‘Dinner With Friends’ and how it impacts the lives of so many families in need of some TLC during the hardest thing in life a parent can experience. Jill’s young daughter, who was diagnosed with leukemia, was being treated at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego when Sanguinetti and Teeter introduced her to the Ronald McDonald House through the ‘Dinner With Friends’ event. Jill and her family lived at the Ronald McDonald House for six months while her daughter was being treated for the leukemia.

Both Teeter and Sanguinetti had volunteered to help at dinners held for the families, children and volunteers of the Ronald McDonald House and decided they wanted to give back more while at the same time bringing more awareness to Ronald McDonald House Charities. 


Take Action

1. To Learn more about REIG visit  www.reigrenovations.com

2. If you are interested in knowing more about Dinner with Friends visit their website at www.thedinnerwithfriends.org or click here to purchase tickets for their event May 14th and help support the Dinner with Friends charity.