Episode 22: Featuring Matt Rinkey, Rob and Cheryl Shields, and Mark Sellers

What does it take to accelerate your business to the next level? How can local entrepreneurs gain the tools and support needed to grow not only their business but become leaders within their company as well as the community? Matt Rinkey, Financial Life Planner with Illumination Wealth Management sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about a wonderful non-profit organization called EO Accelerator. Rinkey a business owner, entrepreneur and family man. He graduated from Madison School Of Business in Wisconsin with a degree in Finance, Investment and Banking is also a member of EO Accelerator. EO is an organization program for entrepreneurs. It is a community of business owners, peers and entrepreneurs who seek to not merely grow their companies financially, but to also have a positive impact within their communities. EO Accelerators are members who want to grow their businesses to the point of making over $1 million in sales and desire have a speedier process to do so. Members meet once a month were they have access to leaders, experts and mentors who provide guidance, support and experience needed to achieve those goals. 


Prom night is a rite of passage for high school students, but unfortunately not every student gets to experience prom the way they deserve to. Students with special needs are all too often left out or made to feel like ‘outsiders’ when it comes to attending the one event no teenager should ever have to miss. Thanks to Cheryl and Rob Shields, each year 800 special needs teens are given a special prom experience that includes everything from prom dresses, jewelry, hair and makeup for the girls, fitted free tuxedos rentals for the boys to arriving at the event in a limo and walking the red carpet. Rob Shields is a Partner at San Diego Wilson, Turner & Kosmo LLP and his wife Cheryl is a former event planner. The couple started the annual event in 2010 after being inspired by a video clip they saw at a local church service in Rockford, Ill. The church held their “A Night To Remember” even for special needs students in the church. The Shields knew this was something that could have a profoundly positive life changing effect for special needs students who otherwise may not get to experience prom night. The Shield’s sat down with James Carmody and Jared Kelley on Rise Up Radio recently to discuss this wonderful annual event. “A Night To Remember” partners up 425 special needs students with 425 mainstream students to give the students ages 15 to 22 the prom experience of a lifetime. Local business donate everything from the food, drinks and music to the red carpet and more. Each year the Shields raise anywhere from $75,000 to $100,000 to make sure these students are treated to a night of feeling not only special but loved, honored and celebrated. 


Aging should not mean you stop moving or being an active member of the community, but for some seniors and aging men and women, without the much needed support and services they need, giving up feels like the only option. Mark Sellers, Assistant Director of San Diego County’s Aging and Independent Services, sat down with Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about this problem within the San Diego community. Sellers said as a community there is a real need to look at the services and ways that can be put into place to help those who are aging stay connected or to reconnect and become active members of the San Diego community.Sellers also wanted to make sure those within the community are aware of the upcoming Aging Summit whose theme is “Age Well San Diego”.The goal of this important summit is to help keep the aging social engaged within the community and give them the support and services they need to stay active. This free summit is being held on Wednesday, June 15th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in San Diego. Well known and loved actor Dick Van Dyke will be the summit’s keynote speaker. 


Take Action

1.  To learn more about the EO Accellerator email Matt at matt@illuminationwealth.com or learn more about Illumination Wealth by visiting their website

2.  A night to remember will be having their annual fundraiser. Please see details below.

3. To learn more about the Aging Summit visit their website by  clicking here and do not forget to support our elderly community by joining them at their June 15th with details listed below