Episode 23: Featuring Ken Foster

Over 47 million people in the United States are living below the national poverty level and 22% of those being children. How can people be empowered and lifted up to bring positive life changes? Best-selling author, Founder of Premier Coaching and entrepreneur Ken Foster, is working to bring empowerment to those who are disadvantaged by providing the tools they need to rise up out of their circumstances. Foster sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about his book, “Ask and You Will Succeed-1001 Questions to Create Life Changing Results” and Stars Of Courage, an organization founded also by Foster. Foster who has a true servant’s heart, has a passion is to use his leadership and life coaching expertise to uplift and help others. With the help of the other servant leaders and business owners who have committed to helping those in poverty through the Stars of Courage organization, they are bringing hope to many. Helping people get out of poverty not only improves their individual lives, it also helps the nation’s economy as a whole. “Poverty is a state of mind. The mind is the cause of our bondage and the mind is the cause of our liberation.” Foster explains to Kelley and Carmody. The discussion covers how in most cases, what prevents many from rising up out of their circumstances has much to do with what goes on in the mind. The individual’s perception not only of their situation, but that person’s self-perception. Foster’s book, “Ask and You Will Succeed-1001 Questions to Create Life Changing Results” leads people on a journey to discover what their true passion is by asking vital questions. Once you discover your passion, the passion will lead to purpose which in turn leads to power. The power to overcome and change your life, to find success and then go out into the community and become a servant leader to help others. 

Take Action

1.  Visit www.kendfoster.com or www.starsofcourage.org to learn more or contact Ken at ken@kendfoster.com or by phone at 760.703.9365.