Episode 26: Featuring Maria Keckler and Ryan Sisson

What does it mean to be a bridge builder? How do you remove the distractions and fears that are keeping you from reaching those goals? Maria Keckler, author of “Bridge Builders: How Superb Communicators Get What They Want in Business and in Life” discusses a foundation that is close to her heart, David’s Harp Foundation of San Diego. The Foundation helps ‘at-risk’ and homeless youth in the San Diego area. Keckler, a nominee for the “Woman Breaking Barriers” Award at this year’s San Diego Women of Influence Awards, began her life in America when her father passed away at the age of 39. Her mother moved the family to America where Keckler started working at a sweatshop in LA for $27 a day. After remembering the words of her father who said, “One move can change the momentum of the game”, she decided she had had enough. That was 35 years ago. Since that time she started Superb Communication, a consulting agency that works with their clients nationally and internationally. Superb Communication assists their clients in developing exceptional leaders and communicators who show up each day with a passion to make a difference. 

Ryan Sisson, Co-founder and CEO of Moniker Group sat down with Rise Up Radio’s host Jared Kelley and his special co-host Maria Keckler to talk about leadership, authentic communication and David’s Harp Foundation of San Diego. David’s Harp inspires youth using music to achieve academic achievement. On Tuesday nights kids from the shelter come into the music studio where they are given studio time based on their grades. If their academic grades fall below a certain number they lose their studio time. This has become a tremendous motivator for the kids to not only understand the importance of academics but to encourage them to work to keep those grades up. Moniker Group is a company that is made up of different companies with a combination of six brands. He explains the common thread between all of the brands is people and each brand is a different leader. Sisson describes the group as “story makers”. Four years ago, Brandon Steepe, founder and executive director of David’s Harp Foundation spoke with Sisson about the foundation’s goals. The Moniker Group already had a music/media studio built in one of their warehouses, which was given to the foundation to help them accomplish their goals and fulfil their passion to help homeless and “at-risk’ youth. Sisson, Keckler and Kelley also discuss how leaders can influence and grow relationships within their businesses, communities and in their personal relationships by becoming intentional bridge builders. 

Take Action

1.  Maria Keckler is a multi talented woman who has been a bridge builder for many people! To know more visit her website or email her directly at  maria@superbcommunication.com

2. Monkier Group has been doing a great job at bringing everyone together. Visit their website or contact Ryan at ryan@monikergroup.com to learn more.