Episode 27: Featuring RJ Kelly and Michael Galindo

Successful business owners and professionals generally have a plan to leave a legacy behind for their families. Unfortunately 70% of those legacies only survive through three and half generations. Why does this happen and how can business owners and founders ensure their legacy and the wealth they built for their families will remain alive for generations to come? R. J. Kelly who is the founder of Wealth Legacy Group, Inc., sat down with Rise Up Radio host James Carmody, to discuss what is missing and what business owners need to do to make sure their ‘heirs’ are prepared to successfully handle a newly acquired legacy. Being prepared and having a transitional plan that provides a road map for those handing off the reins to those who will carry it on is key. Kelly has been in the financial services industry for close to 40 years. He possesses a Master’s Degree in Financial Services and his skills in business succession, estate planning and risk management are very well known nationally. 70% of the families who have a $20 million net worth experience a complete disintegration of not only their assets but their family, discovering how to adequately prepare for that transition can be the difference between leaving a legacy that will continue on for generations or one that disappears within just over three generations. 

Michael Galindo has been involved in swimming since he was about four or five years old and began competitive swimming at about age seven or eight years. He is currently Lead Senior Coach at North Coast Aquatics and has received San Diego Imperial Swimming’s Age Group Coach of the Year two years and counting. Galindo and James Carmody talked about NCA and their commutative swimming program for swimmers 18 and under. NCA has been the highest competitive swim program in San Diego for 40 years and they have turned out competitive swimmers who have gone on to compete in the Olympics. Galindo explained NCA’s program has over 700 swimmers and 15 professional coaches, Galindo being one of them, who strive to produce well-rounded and strong competitive swimmers who are 18 years and younger. The youngest swimmers in the program are five to six and the swimming groups are based on ability not age. Both Carmody and Galindo talk about their love for swimming and how this program is changing and challenging young lives. 

Take Action

1.  RJ has been a leader in many forms. To seek communication with him he can be reached at either 619.972.4488 or by email at rj@wealthlegacygroup.com

2. Michael has shown us how important the sport of swim can be. To know more about MIchael or to ask questions he can be reached by email at coachmichael@ncaswim.com. Visit NCA Swim to see how to get involved.