Episode 29: Featuring David Morris

What makes San Diego one of the greatest cities to live in and how are the servant leaders and business owners working to keep it that way? What are the things that need to change to ensure San Diego continues to be the amazing city it is? David Morris, who is an appraiser and President of AppraiseNet sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about it. Morris is known to be a man of integrity as well as one of, if not the best appraiser in San Diego. One of the things that makes San Diego such an amazing place to live is its diversity. When Morris was asked what he thought was needed to change to keep it so, he explained that more tolerance and patience is needed when it comes to accepting and understanding the differences of others’ cultures and lifestyles. Taking the time to communicate and learn about how others have formed their beliefs, ideas and then understanding how we can all learn from each other. Morris who has lived in San Diego all of his life, also works with IRC, International Rescue Committee, a refugee resettlement program that has been helping those fleeing the conflict and turmoil other countries since World War 2. The program helps people seeking asylum get integrated in the area, provides them with some money to get started, helps them find apartments and gives them guidance and help in navigating within the legal system to help them get started on the steps to become legal citizens. IRC is the first step for refugees when they arrive in the country. The conversation turns to the importance of how we as people need to consider how difficult it must be for those who are fleeing other countries to come to America and specifically the San Diego area. Imaging packing up your family and moving into another culture so different from your own, the struggle to understand the differences and the languages. When people begin to realize how difficult that is for refugees they can then begin to understand the need to be more patient and tolerant. Reacting to others with empathy and acceptance instead of fear and intolerance. 

Take Action

1. IRC has been a huge impact on those t. If you would like to Rise Up and know more about the program visit their website and know more

2. To contact the best Appraiser in San Diego David Morris give him a call at 619.980.6436