Episode 25: Featuring Jeff Blanton

How can you move forward with more confidence and grab hold of the opportunities put before you? What are the two motivators that lead people to move towards meeting their goals and effecting change? How does the freedom relate to these questions? Blanton, is the founder of the Blanton Group an Executive Leadership and Coaching group. The Blanton Group helps business leaders and individuals learn how to turn their passion into action by discovering their purpose within a company as well as the community. He stepped down from the corporate world to discover his purpose, which led to the creation of the Blanton Group. Blanton is also the author of a new book called, “Doing The Difficult: Boldly Leading Significant Change”. The book contains what Blanton calls the three Cs that lead to success. Courage, Capabilities and Conviction. During the sit down with Rise Up Hosts, Kelley and Carmody, Blanton explains that although leading change isn’t easy, it is well worth the effort. “People have more freedom than they’re aware of or take advantage of. Most tend to put a ceiling on what they believe they are allowed to do”, Blanton explains. Most leaders and managers hope their employees will step up and do more, but because their employees have ‘put a ceiling’ on that freedom, most do not do so. He goes on to explain that there are two main motivators that lead people to change. There is fear induced motivation in which people will change because they know if they ‘don’t do it’, something bad is going to happen; and then there is opportunity based motivation. They see an opportunity and step out to take hold of that opportunity. It’s time to have the courage to break out and not only reach those goals, but end up with a result better than what you expect.

Take Action

1. To get started on change in your life contact Jeff Blanton  at 714. 330.1713 or email him at jblanton@blantongroup.com.