Episode 30: Featuring Peter Scott & Brandon Steppe

Is fear holding you back from achieving your goals and your passion? Are you even aware that it is fear keeping you from reaching your potential? How can you overcome that fear? Peter Scott, author of “The Fearless Mindset: The Entrepreneur's Guide To Get Fit In Less Time, Double Your Income, & Become Unstoppable” sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to unpack how to overcome a mindset of fear by taking action. His book “The Fearless Mindset”, empowers readers to conquer the fear that is holding them back to achieve the life they only dared to imagine. Scott, who had a very successful job working in the banking industry in his early twenties began to realize after the death of his father just how fragile life is. Mindset is everything Scott explains and being fearless is not what most people imagine. “Being fearless is not being without fear”, Scott said, “Being fearless is having the courage to do the thing that scares you. Scott is also the founder of the Fearless Life Academy, an organization that teaches people how to live life fearlessly by taking a holistic approach. He explains how it is fear that prevents or slows most from accomplishing true success. According to Scott there are three types of people: Those who know fear is stopping them and they’re committed to overcoming it; those who know fear is stopping them but are afraid to do anything about it, and the third are those who do not even realize fear is what is stopping them. A person’s mindset is determined not only how one feels emotionally, but physically as well, so becoming fearless begins with taking action.


Steppe sat down with James Carmody and Jared Kelley of Rise Up Radio to talk about the phenomenal impact the foundation is having in the lives of teens in the San Diego community. David’s Harp Foundation works with ‘at risk’ teenagers mentor and help them discover their true worth and identity by using their passion for music to ‘hook’ them in. The foundation builds long lasting relationships by giving (the youth) and outlet for their creativity in a safe and nurturing place, Steppe explains. In fact one student when from having a 1.1 GPA to a 3.3 GPA in 18 weeks. On average students who become a part of the program have shown a 16% increase in their GPA averages. The non-profit group is not your typical non-profit however, and Steppe explains how David’s Harp takes a triangular-type approach. This approach means all their resources are used to empower young people with skills to give back to their community. The teens learn to step out of their fears and overcome their circumstances. The kids come out of the program with a sense of empowerment not entitlement. 


Take Action

1. Peter has been transforming lives of people living in fear. If you want to know more visit his website by clicking here or take action and apply to join the fearless life experience by applying here  www.fearlesslifeexperience.com

2.  To stay connected to the Davids Harp Foundation visit their website and find out how you can be a part of the movement