Episode 31: Featuring Noelle Delgado

How can young girls and women push past those predetermined standards of today’s culture and society has set for girl? How can they discover what they can do to become ‘enough’? Girl Force USA founder Noelle Delgado who was born and raised in San Diego recently sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about how her organization is helping high school age girls do just that. Delgado was an all-star athlete with a 3.95 GPA all throughout high school. But she was stunned when a tough English teacher refused her request for a letter of recommendation for college. She had been one of only two students who attended his class who received an A so she didn’t understand why he refused. She left feeling as if she was not enough and not knowing what she needed to do to become enough. The experience set her on a journey to discover what it was that would make the difference in her life to push past those predetermined cultural standards. When she realized how many of her friends were struggling with these same things, it set her on the path to be a servant leader through her organization Girl Force USA. Delgado explained to the hosts that Girl Force uses sports camps, workshops and after school programs to help girls feel a sense of accomplishment which help give them the confidence they need. The organization helps girls discover their unique true sense of self and to understand they each have a potential for greatness. They also learn that it is their individual uniqueness is something each girl should celebrate. Delgado also talks about the upcoming two day “Girls Leadership Summit 2016”. The summit is being presented by Fox Sports San Diego and will teach girls how to be successful leaders. The summit is for young girls ages 14 and up. 

Take Action

1.  To learn more about Girl Force USA and the impact they are having on young women visit their website by clicking here and make sure not to miss the opportunity to attend their two day Summit happening October 1st & 2nd. Buy tickets here.