Episode 34: Featuring Chad Bickley & Cindy Grossman

Chad Bickley, the Athletic Director for Santa Fe Christian School.

What does it mean to build a championship culture and how important is it to be involved with children during that formative time of their lives? Chad Brickley, the Athletic Director for Santa Fe Christian School sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about training kids to be true champions. Bickley, who is a native of Wisconsin received BA from San Diego Christian College and an MA from Azusa Pacific University. Bickley is not only the Athletic Director he is also the school’s head basketball coach. Santa Fe Christian School has grades Kindergarten through 12th. Bickely told Kelley and Carmody that the phrase, “Be A Champion” is on the wall of the school’s gym and other areas throughout the school. There are three areas children are being taught to be champions in. To be a champion for Christ, a champion in relationships which teaches them how to cultivate and invest in them and how to treat each other, and to be a champion on the field by not only winning but pursuing excellence the right way. Bickley also explained the new program for freshmen called A Chance In Leadership, which is an in depth intentional program that begins with Leadership 101. After completing Leadership 101 the move into the Immerging Leaders and then on to the Veteran Leaders part of the program. The kids are learning how to lead themselves through composure, commitment, confidence and character.


Cindy Grossman, Executive Director of Kid’s Turn San Diego

Often times when families are experience a divorce, separation or even a separation due to a military deployment, the children feel like they don’t belong or fit in because of what is happening within their family. So what can be done to help these children and their families work through what is happening as well as give the children a voice? Cindy Grossman, who is the Executive Director of Kid’s Turn San Diego sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts James Carmody and Jared Kelley to talk about how these children and their families are finding help and healing through Kid’s Turn. Kid’s Turn is a not for profit organization which helps children and parents who are going through family separations and/or military transitions. Grossman, explained to Carmody and Kelley how the children are the leaders of our future and they deserve to not only be respected, but empowered to become the best they can be. Kid’s Turn San Diego has distinctively designed programs that are championed by experienced and trained mental health specialists as well as credentialed teachers. Grossman became Executive Director in 2013 and she her passion for helping the children discover their voices by sharing their thoughts and feelings comes through in the conversation on Rise Up Radio. “We are changing the lives of kids and their families” she said.


Take Action

1.  To reach Chad Bickley email him directly at bickley@sfcs.net

2.  Kids Turn is a great organization to help children who are transitioning. To learn more visit their website Kids Turn San Diego  and learn more about their upcoming event onSeptember 17th or email them directly at info@kidsturnsd.org