Episode 33: Featuring Tim Owens and Phil Kendro

Tim Owens

Tim Owens, founder of Life Lounge San Diego, US Marine veteran and self-proclaimed ‘serial entrepreneur” sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, James Carmody and Jared Kelley to talk about how Life Lounge SD is impacting veterans, business leaders and the San Diego community. Owens fell in love with San Deigo in 1994 when he was station in San Diego after joining the Marine Corps. He explains how the Marine Corps taught him what true leadership entails. It’s all about mission accomplishment, the welfare of your troops and accountability. Owens explains that Life Lounge is not about networking but about connecting and using casual environments to exchange knowledge with high-level prominent leaders. Their events bring together baby boomers, Gen-Xers and millennials while encouraging dialogues among generational leaders to build stronger communities in the San Diego area. Life Lounge is a mixture of business owners, entrepreneurs, community influencers and executives, Owens explains. He discusses not only how Life Lounge got its start, Owen’s talks about Social Media Refuel, a social media marketing firm he partners with. Social Media Refuel works with small and mid-sized businesses who are being under-served in the social media marketing arena.



Phil Kendro

Phil Kendro, Marine veteran and aviator with San Diego Sky Tours sat down with Jared Kelley, James Carmody and co-guest and veteran Tim Owens. Kendro, has been a member of Life Lounge SD the last two years, has a ‘regular’ nine to five job working for Nova Systems, while spending his ‘free time’ flying for San Diego Sky Tours. Kendro explains how at five years of age after spending every summer with his grandfather, he knew he wanted to be a Marine. Kendro explains how San Diego Sky Tours is veteran owned and run, and allows him to showcase the great city of San Diego. “We do everything from the mild to the wild”, Kendro said. Whether it’s a cruise around the skies of San Diego, parachuting or having a ‘dog fight’ with your buddy Sky Tours does it. They are also a part of the STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in the San Diego educational system, which gets kids interested in aviation and encourages them to study harder. He was also excited to share about the upcoming events that involve the military, like the Miramar Air Show coming up Sept. 23rd through the 25th. Kendor had a big helping hand in this annual airshow from 2008 through 2014 and will have one of Sky Tours planes at this year’s air show.


Take Action

1.  Tim is dedicated to connecting people in his community. To know how you can be a part of Life Lounge San Diego visit their website by clicking here.

2. Phil Kendro knows all the top events when it comes to San Diego! Make sure to check your calendars and visit San Diego Sky Tours to book your tour! To reach Phil directly visit his Linkedin page or  email him at phil.kendro@gmail.com