Episode 36: Featuring Luis Lopez, Ken Foster, and Tim Barker

Ken Foster, founder of Stars of Courage and Tim Barker, manager of ROI Ministries sat down with Rise UP Radio to talk about how people can move from doing random acts of kindness to doing intentional acts of kindness. Foster is no stranger to hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody, he has been a quest on the radio show in the past. On this visit Foster discusses how Stars of Courage is reaching out to those who need some help. The organization is a 5013c non-profit. The life coaches show up on a volunteer basis with individuals once a week for up to a three year period if need be. Foster explains how the first step Stars of Courage takes in helping is to take people through a 20-point evaluation of where they are at in the different areas of their lives. This helps them to develop goals in those areas, from financial to relationship, the coaching covers every area of life. Barker, who joins Foster explains what ROI Ministries does and how it’s helping people discover ways they can invest in helping those in their community and around the world. ROI analyzes organizations around the world and those that are having the largest impact are placed in the top 10 organizations recommended to invest in. Barker, who himself has gone from having plenty to having nothing and back again understands how important it is to not let fear and past pain keep you from moving forward. Life is full of ‘seasons’ and even in the midst of a bad season or struggle, there is good that will come from it. Believing this is just the first step to overcoming and finding success. 

According to Luis Lopez, “Leadership is who you are, it is not a title”. Lopez who is an educator in the Chula Vista school district and a curriculum innovator sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about what inspired him to become an educator. Lopez explains how he realized when he was in high school something needed to change because he was not as engaged as he felt he and fellow students should be. Because of this, after graduating from Eastlake High School in Chula Vista, Lopez began his journey into education and became a tutor. He wanted to give back and becoming a tutor was for him, the perfect start to doing so. Being a tutor led to his first teaching position as world geography teacher at Eastlake high. Lopez explains how important it is to take what appears to be a bad situation and find the good within it, something he is familiar with doing. After getting a pink slip three years in a row due to budget cuts, Lopez decided he had nothing to lose. He decided to start teaching how he felt was more beneficial to the needs of the students, and instead of sticking to the schools one-size-fits-all curriculum. What resulted was his students had the best scores of the district and Lopez being voted best teacher a couple years in a row. It also led to his being asked to come to work for Curriculum where he ended up redesigning the world geography curriculum currently being used in the schools. Lopez also talks about his work with ‘Project Donate’ and ‘One Billion Dreams’, programs that are making a difference in the lives of students and their communities. 

Take Action

1. Luis has managed to break barriers and go above an beyond for his students and many others. Luis can be reached at luis@lifecodeconsulting.com or 619.651.5178.

2. To learn more about Stars of Courage click here.

3. Tim Barker has created a movement! To learn more about ROI Ministries or to learn how to be a part of the movement visit their website ROI Ministry