Episode 52: Featuring Derek Abbey and Robert Bock

Derek Abbey-Bentprop Project

Derek Abbey, Marine Veteran and the Veterans Coordinator of University of San Diego sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about his work with the Bentprop Project. Abbey is a member of the Bentprop Project as well as being a leadership coach and runner. The goal of the project is to bring back every American military POW & MIA from previous wars around the world. He discussed the event Bentprop held on Jan. 21st held at Balboa Park and the Balboa Veterans Museum. He also discusses how the Project helps to bring a measure and closure to military families when loved ones, some who have been missing for decades are finally brought home to rest. Abbey joined the Marines out of high school and served for 23 years. After retiring from the Corps he was contacted by University of San Diego to come and work with military students from their initial consideration of higher education all the way to Alumni status. Abbey unpacks the how as the University’s Veteran’s coordinator he has the opportunity to positively influence and impact the lives of others. “We don’t have a lot of control over a lot of things, but we do have control over who and how we influence those around us.” Abbey went on to talk about how important it is to consistently make it an intention to positively influence people around you. 


 Robert Bock-University of SD Hero Club

Robert Bock, Co-Founder and President of University of SD’s Hero Club sat down with Rise Up Radio Hosts, James Carmody and Jared Kelley to talk about the Hero Club and how it’s working to raise money for Marsco Project. Marsco provides malevolent support to operators who are transitioning out of the Marine Corps and in to civilian life. Hero is an acronym for Honor, Empowerment, Remember and Overcome that is centered on military inspired highly intensive workouts during the course of the school year. Bock talks about the most recent 911 Memorial Workout where 55 students showed up to participate in a four mile hike 40 pound ruck, which involved carrying a 40 pound backpack, dropping to do push-ups at a moment’s notice, team exercises in water, etc. He explains how military leaders come in and inspire students by sharing their stories and how it exposes students to seeing just how many veterans are attending as well as working within the University. The Hero's Club teaches students how to overcome what they need to accomplish their goals and pushing past those barriers that may be keeping them from meeting life’s challenge. Bock also gives details about the Raider’s Challenge which involves 12 hours of physically and mentally challenging activities typically experienced by those who go through military training. Each Raider’s Challenge is dedicated to a former service member’s memory who gave their all in service. Bock explained their goal is to raise $25,000. 


Take Action

1.  To know more about the Bentprop Project visit their website by clicking here or contact Derek directly through LinkedIn.

2. Robert Bock can be reached by email at rbock@sandiego.edu or you can visit the USD HERO Club Facebook page to learn more.