Episode 90: Featuring Robert Muth and Maria Keckler

Robert Muth –University of San Diego Veterans Legal Clinic

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Robert Muth, Supervising Attorney for University of San Diego Veterans Clinic joined Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to talk about USD Veterans Legal Clinic and how it is providing free legal help for veterans, military members and their families. Muth, a Marine veteran, is Professor in Residence at USD Law School, and was Chairman for three years of San Diego Veterans Coalition. He joined the Marine Corps after 9/11 and served in Iraq. He explained to Carmody that luckily for him, his transition out of the military went well because he was fortunate enough to have a few individuals who had been Marine Corps veterans take him under their wings. He went to law school where he practiced Corporate Litigation but wanted to make a change and do something that would give back to others. When University of San Diego Legal Clinic was looking to expand their clinical program, he explained it was a great fit which gave him the opportunity to found the veterans legal clinic five years ago. “It’s been really fantastic, we’ve been able to kind of grow the clinic from what was just me and what was a handful of plucky law students, to now we’ve got a number of attorneys, and a paralegal and a lot more plucky law students, many of whom happen to be veterans themselves. We got out and fight the good fight on behalf of veterans, active duty personnel and also their families.” Muth went on to say that University of San Diego has a rich history of providing free legal services to the community. “So on one hand we exist in the legal clinic to provide assistance, whether that be full actual representation or advice and counseling or whatever might be appropriate for that individual.” The Veterans Clinic offers free focused representation to veterans, military members and their families. Muth directly supervises the Veterans Clinic on a day to day basis and explains they have three specific areas in which they help veterans. The three areas include- Dispute resolution specifically for the GI Bill, working with the VA for those who have suffered catastrophic injuries and coming in to represent veterans and file appeals on their behalf, whether it is to make sure they get the medical care they need, disability compensation, etc. and Records corrections. He explains it is the records that drive the types of benefits someone will get after leaving service. He gives shares some stories of veterans they have helped and the impact their work has on their lives.


Maria Keckler - President & Founder of Superb Communications

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Maria Keckler, President and Founder of Superb Communication joined Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to discuss her recent experience as one of the keynote speakers at the Inbound Conference that was held in Boston. Keckler, a national keynote speaker, leader, influencer and communicator with a servant leader’s heart is a previous guest and personal friend of Carmody. Her company, Superb Communication, helps companies, shareholders and employees communicate their messages and concerns correctly so their organizations can flourish. According to Keckler there were over 20,000 people who attended the conference, a majority being millennials. “More than 85% of the people there were millennials. So I spent two days really talking to them. I am always wondering, is what I am going to say going to resonate with them. One of the key points I have been talking about lately is Confidence 2.0 which is the idea that whatever got you here isn’t going to get you where you want to go. Our confidence often is built around our degrees, our connections what we have been able to accomplish. At some point we’re going to bump into something that is going to challenge that confidence.” Keckler told Carmody, “It was an honor and a very humbling experience to be there, to be myself. I had wanted to attend that conference for many years, they’ve been around for about five years.” Inbound marketing, according to Keckler, was a concept coined by “A HubSpot”, a technology company that help businesses get their marketing out. She explains, “What was really amazing about their approach to launching their company is that they coined this concept of inbound. Which is really smart. The marketing that you do where you send the flyers in the mail, trying to knock everybody over the head with your message that is outbound, they don’t do that. They add value first, they create eBooks people can down load for free, and are not afraid to share information for free. Being givers first. It caught fire because it’s so unusual”. She shares some of the inspiration she took away from the conference, along with the idea that the main focus is on how to connect with people. It is “the servant leadership of marketing” she said. She also shares some examples of conversations that came out of the conference between her and some of the attendees.



1. The USD Veterans Legal Clinic want to create more awareness of the free legal services offered by their clinic, an awareness of the military and veteran communities of common legal issues, and create more awareness of the civilian community of legal challenges for our veterans and military service members. Visit the USD Veterans Legal Clinic website to learn more and how you can get help or spread awareness. 

2. Embracing your story and rediscovering your authentic voice help reclaim your personal power. Maria has many motivation topics and resources to empower. Visit her website to learn more and how she is a Rise Up Servant Leader.