Episode 88: Featuring Janis Whitaker and Bill Protzmann

Janis Whitaker - VetCTAP

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Janis Whitaker, Executive Director of VetCTAP (Veterans Career Transition Assistance Program), owner of JP Whitaker & Associates and author of the book, “Interviewing By Example” joined guest hosts, Phil Kendro and Eve Nadeer on Rise Up Radio to discuss how VetCTAP is helping to increase the employment rate for veterans and helping transitioning military members find success in the civilian workplace. Whitaker explains that the biggest issue for veterans and transitioning military members is learning about the job search process. The VetCTAP program provides a free eight module workshop on a monthly basis that provides one-on-one coaching, job search skills training and more. She told Kendro and Nadeer, “We serve a very unique population, maybe people are not aware of that, but most of the people who work with us or attend have actually been in the military 10 or more years, about a third have been retiring. She went on to say, “It’s very interesting, most people feel like military folks can just step from military career to a civilian career but that’s not true, especially if they have been in 10 or more years. Think about that, it’s as if they’ve been in another country for 10 years. Different culture, language, customs and now they’re moving into this corporate world with a different language, culture and customs and they really don’t know how to job search and what to do. We help them with that”. Whitaker also talks about what they focus on during each of the eight modules, gives some examples of their successful clients and how important it is to register quickly because classes are generally open for 20 people or less so they can provide individual help to each student. VetCTAP has a 90% success rate in which attendees go on to find their ideal careers. The program’s workshops are held 8 to 10 times a year, and run for four weeks with classes being held two nights a week. The last workshop for the year will begin the second week of October and will restart again the second week of January.


Bill Protzmann - Music Care Inc

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Bill Protzmann, Founder, President, CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer at Music Care Inc. joined guest hosts Phil Kendro and Eve Nadeer on Rise Up Radio to talk about Music Care Inc. and how music is instrumental in helping people heal from PTS, TBI and other emotional, physical and mental injuries. Protzmann was a part of the San Diego Veterans coalition Group’s Spiritual Affinity group, graduated magna cum laude in piano and creative writing and is author of the book, “More Than Human: The value of Cultivating Human Spirit In Your Organization.” He discusses how he uses his passion for music to help bring healing and his time with SDVCG’s Spiritual Affinity Group which led to the founding of Music Care Inc. and played a part in the writing of his book. The purpose of the Affinity Group was to ‘examine moral injury’, which Protzmann explains as what it feels like to have to do something that doesn’t line up with your beliefs. He explains that most people know inside what anger or grief or what fear feels like for them, and when they can find music that resonates for them personally, that is their power music. “Find the music that supports your anger, fear, etc.” Which is what Music Care Inc. teaches people to do. Protzmann said, “It’s a blessed thing to do, being on this mission of reawakening people to what they already know is fantastic.” He went on to say, “Whatever music you love is your power music. You can use that. Once you know what to use that for it becomes a real tool for you.” Protzmann explains that people often don’t know what do to with fear, anger or grief and when those emotions get ‘stuffed down’ they lead to depression or can prevent the body’s ability to heal. “If you can dial into those feelings in a way that’s useful to you, you’ve got something”. There is music that can unpack those feelings and let people feel them in safety. He shares an example of a veteran who ‘found his way home’ through music and how seeing that set him on the path to wanting to help others. “The idea of lifting other people up is so important these days. There’s such incredible work happening and if we can be a part of promoting that or connecting people with that in any way possible, that’s our job, that’s how I see it.”



1. In order to help transitioning military, veterans, and spouses who need help with their job search and encourage them to register and use the resources VetCTAP has to offer. Visit their website to learn about to register and what they offer. 

2. It's important for us as a community to come together and find ways to strengthen human connectivity with one another and our inner spirit. Learn more about the power of music and the resources Music Care, Inc. has to offer by visiting their website