Episode 92: Featuring Erin Weidemann, Kate Nowlan, and Kimberly Caccavo

Erin Weidemann - Bible Belles

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Erin Weidemann, Founder and CEO of Bible Belles sat down with Rise Up Radio host James Carmody to talk about Bible Belles and how they have partnered with World Vision to provide resources for parents worldwide. Weidemann, who was a guest on the show last year, is an author, speaker and host of the podcast, Heroes for Her. She was a full-time teacher for over 10 years but quit teaching last year because Bible Belles has morphed into a full time endeavor. She explains that over her years of teaching she began to grow a heart for young people. “Specifically girls and the challenges that they face, not understanding who they are, and what they were created to do and I just felt called to write a book series and create some resources that parents can use to really guide the conversation of beauty, identity and purpose with their daughters at a young age. That would get them ready and prepared to step into whatever leadership role they were designed for,” Weidemann said. Bible Belles is a five book series, each book is about one of five women from the bible. The stories help girls discover what true beauty is, how much God loves them and what their purpose in life is. Weidemann explains the first letter of each woman’s name form H.E.A.R.D. which is a metaphor because a lot of girls out there feel like their voices don’t matter, and she believes the books will help girls discover “God created them to be heard, created them to use their voices in a powerful way for him and for his glory,” she said. Their recent partnership with World Vision will provide the means to reach young girls around the world. “My heart has always been we need to reach the non-English speaking population of the world. This isn’t just something we need to market or reach girls in America that are living here and have more access to all the things that they need to become these leaders, we want to guide them towards these goals God has for them. Girls in the first world face problems that are so different.” She said. World Vision is helping them to do that. 


Kate Nowlan & Kimberly Caccavo - GRACEDBYGRIT

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Kate Nowlan & Kimberly Caccavo, founders of GRACEDBYGRIT joined Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to talk about their athletic apparel line made in San Diego and created exclusively for women. Nowlan and Caccavo started GRACEDBYGRIT in 2013 as a direct to consumer brand selling online directly to customers. In 2015 they opened their first store and will be opening another store this year in 2017. It is an athletic apparel for women that is designed to make woman not only look good, but also feel safe and powerful. The women met when Nowlan was training Caccavo for a triathlon in honor of Chelsea King who was murdered in 2010. Caccavo explains, “Kate and I were training for a triathlon. Kate was my trainer for the triathlon and she was really rough and when we were running and I tried to get her to slow down, I’d started talking about what people were wearing, what made women look good, feel good and feel powerful when they ran. We kept talking about it, we thought someone needed to make clothes like these, and a few years later we were still training and still talking and no one had done it.” So we decided why not and we started a company.” Nowlan a trainer, was also a swim coach for the nonprofit organization, The Boys and Girls Club, ran their aquatic center also ran their events and fundraisers. Caccavo was a chemical engineer who worked on the space shuttle and had worked in traditional big business jobs. Partnering their skills, passion for helping women feel safe while looking good created the perfect mix for GRACEDBYGRIT. Nowlan said, “I did not imagine starting a women’s athletic apparel brand until we got to talking about it and then really it did change and I thought this is something we could do together because this is who we both were and what we both wanted.” She goes on to explain, “When we were testing the clothes, it was the combination of Kimberley’s background as a chemical engineer, looking at the construction of things with my experience as an athlete and a trainer to know what would really work well, not only do the fabrics need to provide UPF, but we wanted them to dry and most importantly for women as they age, we wanted them to be compressive, so that you felt really great while you are out there”. Nowlan and Caccavo who have both experienced their own ‘gritty moments in life’, explain how every woman has been through that gritty moment in her life that she thought would break her and at the end of the day, that moment is what gives her her grace. That is why they chose the name GRACEDBYGRIT. The women also discuss how sales of their apparel gives to charity, how they connect in person with their customers and explain the Fit Shop events held at their stores.



1. Bible Belles helps equip parents and champions of young girls to guide the conversation about beauty, identity and purpose so they can rise up and do the work they were created to do. With their newest release, Deborah: The Belle of Leadership, there are a lot of exciting upcoming things for Bible Belles. Visit their website to learn about the five-book series and all that Bible Belles does to rise up! 

2. GRACEDBYGRIT is a women's athletic apparel company designed to empower women and make them feel safe and protected all while giving back to our community. Designed, made and owned in Southern California by local women. Visit their website to learn more about the amazing brand.