Episode 93: Featuring Kevin Narcomey and Flossie Hall

Kevin Narcomey -  Founder and CEO of Osceola Consulting

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Kevin Narcomey, Founder and CEO of Osceola Consulting sat down with Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to discuss Osceola Consulting, the services they provide to utility companies and how the company is impacting the local Native American communities. Narcomey, who founded the company 11 years ago, is himself a Native American belonging to the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma. He is the youngest of three boys and was raised by a single mother. He tells Carmody that his mom told him if he wanted to go to college he would have to earn it, which led him to apply for a scholarship. Part of that application included writing and essay about what he would do to give back to the community if he received the scholarship and he explains that was always in the back of his mind when he formed Osceola Consulting. The name Osceola, according to Narcomey, is the name of a tribal chief from the 1800’s who lead the resistance of the Seminole tribe to be moved to Oklahoma territory. His great-grandmother walked the trail of tears from Florida to Oklahoma, and the name Osceola is not only his middle name but the middle name of his children. He told Carmody, “When it came time to start the company, a native American owned business, what other name was there to come up with other than Oceola?” The company was founded at a time when the economy not doing so well and hit bottom a couple of years later. When asked why his company still did well, he explains, “One of the things I think with technology and consulting, is really working with our clients to help them solve whatever problem they’re trying to solve. Whether it’s some transformational change or business processes change or technology implementation so that they can achieve their goals. That helps in down times and helps in good times.” Narcomey also discusses some of their clients, what the company does and the technology center that thanks to the sponsoring by Southern California Gas, is on the Indian Reservation in Palm Springs. The center hires locally, trains locally and builds the local work force. It provides tech services, business process support industry solutions and more.


Flossie Hall - Founder and CEO Healthy Momma

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Flossie Hall, navy spouse, mother of four and Founder and CEO of Healthy Momma sat down with Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to talk the founding of Healthy Momma, her own struggle with losing weight, and how preparing healthy meals for her family led to her meal preparation service. She also discusses how her business is helping military families. Hall explains, “Healthy Momma is a meal delivery service focused on making healthy food affordable so that it’s accessible to those who need it most.” Unlike the other meal prep services available, Healthy Momma provides fresh cooked healthy and delicious meals that only need to be heated and served. According to Hall, while other meal preparation services cost anywhere from $16 to $18 per meal and require customers to still cut and prepare and cook the meals. Healthy Momma’s meals run from $3 to $8 a meal with the average adult meal costing $6 and they have meals specifically for families and kids. Originally from New York, being a navy spouse she has lived all over the country. After the birth of her second child, Hall tells Carmody her weight got up over 200 which resulted in her not being accepted as an EMT even after passing all of the tests. She then made it her goal to figure how nutrition worked and how to get herself and her family eating healthier. She began doing meal preparations for her family on Sundays, she would prepare all their meals and snacks for the week so they could just heat and eat during the week to maintain healthy eating. According to Hall, it wasn’t long before her friends were asking her to help them do the same thing for their families. People began paying her to do their meal preps so while waiting to attend medical school she began Healthy Momma. “I was very determined to help people see that healthy food can be delicious and it can be cheap and it can be easy. So I had this crazy idea, my husband was deployed I was like I’m gonna run a commercial kitchen. He was like are you sure? Never having taken a business class, never cooked commercially I didn’t even know how to cook when me and my husband got married.” She said, adding, “I started watching the food network I decided if I needed eat better I need to know how to cook better. I don’t want just healthy food, I want regular food but make them healthier.” With the help of a couple of friends they started the business and in a short time they were making 800 meals a week out of her home kitchen. So far the 22 months they’ve been in business, they have served over a half million meals in San Diego County. Hall also talks about the company’s mission to help employ military spouses as well as being attention to struggles military spouses encounter in finding jobs. She discusses what it takes to be successful at losing weight and maintaining the consistency of healthy eating habits, and how it has to include the whole family to be sustainable. “I’m more of a doer and I believe in failing forward. I have a lot of people that I mentor now and a lot of people are afraid to do things. And I’m like, you’re never going to figure it out until you actually do it,” she said.



1. Osceola Consulting is an award-winning Native American-owned consulting services business. Visit the Osceola Consulting website to get details and what they have to offer. 

2. Healthy Momma is a growing, affordable, and amazing company! Visit their website to learn how it works, view what delicious meals they offer, and how you can sign up!