Episode 53: Featuring Derrick Miller and Andrew D Damon

Derrick Miller - Mosaic San Diego

Lead pastor of Mosaic San Diego Derrick Miller sat down with Rise Up Radio host James Carmody and guest co-host Derrick Abbey to talk about rethinking church and achieving a life balance. “The name Mosaic comes from the diversity of our members and from the symbolism of the fragmented and broken humanity, which under the artful hand of God can become a work of beauty,” Miller said. He goes on to explain how it is like any other church but not like any other church. Miller, who is also a San Diego Fireman, discusses how he and his wife, after deciding they would never go to church again discovered Mosaic Church while living in Los Angeles. A good friend invited Miller and his wife to attend Mosaic one Sunday and according to Miller life was never the same. Shortly after getting married, Miller and his wife moved into their first home, in 2006 he was hired by the San Diego Fire Department and was commuting from LA to San Diego for work. The decision to move was difficult because they could not imagine life without Mosaic. Miller goes on to talk about what lead to his becoming the lead pastor and how it’s time for churches to stop arguing over about how church should be done, but why we do church. 


Andrew Damon - Mission Energy Solutions

Andrew Damon, Founder and CEO of Mission Energy Solutions sat down with Rise Up Radio Host James Carmody and guest host Derrick Abbey to discuss what it means to have a company culture that focuses on making a difference in the lives of others, not simply profits. Damon describes himself as a ‘serial entrepreneur’. He grew up in Maine where his dad was in law enforcement. He moved to Virginia where he went for his Youth Ministry degree and became interested in also attaining a Criminal Justice degree. With a passion for entrepreneurship as well, Damon decided to pursue something that would allow all of his passions to be used together. Damon opens up about why he chose solar energy as well as the how’s and why’s behind this mission driven company. He also explains how every solar panel sold literally changes lives locally and around the world. A portion of each solar panel sold goes to non-profits that help homeless youth, at risk kids and fighting sex trafficking. He also discusses how the company goes beyond giving money and have a hands on approach. 

Take Action

1. Mosaic is a community that does life together. To learn more about Mosaic visit their website Mosaic San Diego or you can contact Derrick by email at derrick@mosaicsd.org.

2. Andrew has dedicated his time to do business with a purpose. If you would like to know more about Mission Energy Solutions visit their website and contact Andrew with any questions with Andrew@MissionEnergy.net