Episode 55: Featuring Larry Kesslin and Chris Sichel

Larry Keslin - Game Changers

Larry Kesslin, successful entrepreneur, family man and author of three books including his most recent, “Success Redefined”, sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts James Carmody and Jared Kelley to discuss his newest book. Kesslin opens up about his journey of going from working for a well-known corporation to becoming the entrepreneur he is today. He explains to Carmody and Kelley how he realized after achieving what he thought was success, he was missing joy and happiness. “Money doesn’t bring anything other than opportunity. The more money I made didn’t make me any happier, there was this emptiness I had felt my entire life”, he said. It was this realization that led Kesslin to redefine success not only in his own life, but to help others discover what true success really is. He goes on to explain that success without significance is not success at all. Kesslin also explained that purpose is the doorway to deeper connections with our fellow human beings. He also unpacks for Kelley and Carmody who and what Game Changers is. Everyone has a purpose, everyone was born for a reason. According to Kesslin, Game Changers is a group of businesses in the San Diego area whose goal is to be businesses for benefits not merely profits. They are in business to not just make money but to have a positive impact on the world around them. Helping people, communities and the environment.


Chris Sichel - Make A Wish Foundation San Diego

Chris Sichel, President and CEO of San Diego’s Make A Wish Foundation sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about the amazing work this foundation and how it not only changes the lives of the children and their families but those of the volunteers who work with Make A Wish. Since 2005 Make A Wish Foundation of San Diego has granted over 2000 wishes and each year they grant over 200 wishes to children who are battling life threatening illnesses. When a child is diagnosed with a life threatening illness all of the sudden their whole world gets very serious, which often leads the child to stop dreaming and hoping. Make A Wish gives the children and their families back the ability to dream and hope again. Children between two and half and 18 years who are suffering a condition that is life-threatening, progressive or degenerative including cancer. Sichel explained a child will come to Make A Wish through a referral from someone in their medical circle or a family will ‘self-refer’. They have to go through a verification process with their doctor and medical team, which according to Sichel usually happens same day. Two trained wish granting volunteers are dispatched and meet with the child and their family. “This is what I believe”, Sichel says, “Hope is what animates people. Where there is a lack of hope there is desperation, sadness and great defeat. Make A Wish gives back, hope, strength and joy. The wonderful thing about Make A Wish is it creates joy not just in the lives of children but the volunteers and all those who bring that hope back to the children.

Take Action

1.  Game Changers was made to do business while improving the world around us. To know more about changing the game visit Game Changers or contact Larry by phone 917.734.6312 or email Larry@Kesslin.com

2.  Make  A Wish Foundation San Diego has been granting wishes and providing hope for over  200 families every year. They are always looking for others who can help wishes come true. To learn more about ways to help or their upcoming events visit their website Make A Wish Foundation San Diego