Episode 57: Featuring Chad Furlong, Nate Landis, Kevin Kirk and Chelsea's Light Foundation

Chad Furlong - iThinkBig

Chad Furlong, the Founder and President of iThinkBig organization and previous guest of Rise Up Radio, sat down once again with hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about their cooperative effort with Urban Youth Collaborative to reach out to the youth in the San Diego Area. iThinkBig puts on school assemblies at local junior high schools and high schools in the San Diego County school districts. The organization uses dance, drama, personal stories and music that encourages young people to think big in their lives, goals and in helping others. iThinkBig reaches out to around 150,000 Jr. High and High school students a year. Furlong said, “Our slogan is ‘Inspire the young’. We are passionate in investing our time and resources into the young.” He explains how their cooperative effort with Urban Youth Collaborative gives the students that talk to a place to ‘plug into.’

Nate Landis - Urban Youth Collaborative

Nate Landis, Founder and President of Urban Youth Collaborative, makes his second appearance on Rise Up Radio to discusses with hosts James Carmody and Jared Kelley his passion to share with youth the hope, healing and purpose Jesus can bring into their lives. Landis, a youth pastor got involved in with the Varsity football team at the local high school he lived 8 blocks way from. That involvement led him to present the idea of becoming the morale coach for the football team by having a pregame meal combined with trying to point the students into making good choices and pointing them towards God. Landis explains how Urban Youth Collaborative has partnered with iThinkBig in reaching out to the youth in the San Diego and are inspiring local youth to think and dream big when it comes to changing their communities into what they can and should be. Landis and Furlong brought with them two young middle school students who shared their stories of how both organizations have inspired and helped them to make a difference. They also talk about the upcoming Project 25 Red Carpet Awards celebration which will take place May 12th. Project 25 us an annual community service campaign that gives out mini grants of $100 to the first 50 student clubs that sign up and say they want to make a difference within their communities.

Kevin Kirk - Make A Wave Project

Kevin Kirk, former Navy Seal and founder of Make A Wave project joined Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody for his second guest appearance on the radio show. Kirk started the Make A Wave project as a way to keep his brother’s memory alive. Kirk’s brother Ryan passed away in his sleep when Kirk was home for a visit while serving in Afghanistan. With a desire to keep his brother’s memory alive, the family requested people give back by doing acts of kindness to others instead of giving flowers. People can register and get a coin through Make A Way, and each coin has a message and story about the person for who it is remembering. These coins are passed on to others who are encouraged to do the same. Kirk explains to Kelley and Carmody the project wanted to reach out and draw attention to other non-profits and in the search to do so, he came upon the Chelsea’s Light Foundation. After reading the writing of Chelsea he decided he wanted to help spread the word. He talks about working with the foundation and participation in the 7th annual run coming up in March.

Chelsea's Light Foundation

Chelsea’s Light Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the memory of Chelsea King, the 17-year-old teen who was murdered in 2010 while running at Rancho Bernardo Community Park. Katie Rooney sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about Chelsea’s Light Foundation. Rooney who is co-owner of Sushi Lounge helps the CLF by assisting with communication and support for the team captains for Finish Chelsea’s Run. She was also the recipient of the foundations Change Maker of The Month. Rooney explains how she became involved with the family and the foundation because Chelsea was a regular customer at her restaurant. Katheryn Takeuchi and her daughter Megan have participated in the ‘Finish Chelsea’s Run’ events and join Rooney in talking about the runs and an the Passing of the Sunflowers event that was held on Feb.25th. Her daughter Megan was in the first grade when King disappeared and she told Kelley and Carmody, “We knew immediately we needed to so something to make a difference and get involved.” When Takeuchi’s daughter was in second grade they attended their first run, which according to daughter Megan, put them in awe of the light and inspiration that was there that day. The three explain what the Passing of the Sunflowers.

1. To learn more and know how you can make a difference visit iThinkBig or Urban Youth Collaborative

2. Kevin Kirk and Chelsea's Light Foundation have come together for a similar purpose. click here to learn more about Make A Wave Project or visit Chelsea's Light Foundation and learn more about their upcoming events and how you can participate.