Episode 58: Featuring Caryn Blanton and Allison Whitney & Eddy Hansen

Pacific Beach Street Guardians

Caryn Blanton, Founder and Director of Pacific Beach Street Guardians (PBSG), along with team member Eric, sat down with Rise Up Radio host James Carmody to talk about how PBSG got started and how it is working to create opportunities for homeless citizens to gain work and housing. Pacific Beach Street Guardians hires the local homeless to clean up the streets and beaches of Pacific Beach. Blanton tells Carmody and special guest co-host Derek Abbey, the idea for PBSG was born when she was walking her dog on the beach one weekend and noticed how dirty and messy it was. She began wondering who was going to clean it all up, which as she explains to the hosts, is what lead her to begin thinking, “what if” it was possible to combine something that needed to be done with people who needed to get to work. Joining Blanton as guest is Eric. Eric was homeless and recovering from drug addiction when he met Blanton. He shares how at the time of their meeting he was ready to get back into working and get his life back. Blanton gave him the opportunity to do so. The two discuss with the hosts how the non-profit is working to help residents overcome the stereotyping that happens on both sides when it comes to how the ‘housed view the unhoused’. They open up about how it helps to create healthy relationships between the homeless and residents of the community.



Allison Whitney, Founder of B.I.A.N.C.A. which stands for Be Involved, Act Now, Cure Autism sat down with Rise Up Radio host James Carmody and guest co-host Derek Abbey to talk about why B.I.A.N.C.A. was created and how it is helping families dealing with autism. Also joining the conversation with Whitney is Eddy Hansen. Hansen, in addition to being a Marine is a member and Board of Director and Treasurer for B.I.A.N.C.A. He also has a 12-year-old son who was diagnosed with autism when he was 18 months old. “When my boy was diagnosed it was like I got hit by a truck. My vision for my future for my family got turned upside down. Things I envisioned doing with my son, teaching him to play ball, teaching him to drive a car, things like that was just turned upside down,” Hansen explains. At age three, her niece Bianca was diagnosed with autism and watching her sister have to ‘jump through hoops’ to get her daughter the therapy and help she needed, inspired Whitney to find a way to help other families. Whitney explains, “The most important thing for people to know is it is a DIFFERENT ability NOT a disability. There is nothing wrong with anybody who has autism it’s just different. It is about understanding and accepting each another is what’s important.” Both Whitney and Hansen delve into how B.I.A.N.C.A. through its program Bianca Reacts, is giving autistic children the tools they need to communicate with the world. It is also helping parents/caregivers and siblings of autistic children to get the support and tools they need to help the families as a whole. One in 50 children in the San Diego area today have Autism and out of that number one in 37 of those children are boys because boys are more likely to be born with Autism

Take Action

1. Pacific Beach Street Guardians are committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment for the community. To learn more about their upcoming events and stay current visit their Facebook page PBStreetGuardians

2. Allison has dedicated herself to helping families communicate with each other. and improve their program as time goes on. Help support this great organization at their annual golf event. More information can be found on their website B.IA.N.C.A