Episode 66: Featuring Megan Wong and Moses Maddox

Megan Wong - Semper Sound & Resounding Joy

Megan Wong has a Master’s Degree in Music, she is also the Director of Resounding Joy Semper Sound music therapy program. Semper Sound is a free music therapy program for military members and veterans who have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries and other traumatic related diagnoses. Wong sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to explain how music therapy is helping our military members and veterans to find healing of mind, body, heart and soul. She started out as an undergrad in pre-med but after she went to study abroad in Thailand and Cambodia to study human trafficking she discovered while working with children just how powerful music can be. She did an internship at Children’s Hospital in L.A. when the Semper Sound position came to her. The interview for the position with Semper Sound was a two day process, part of which involved going to Camp Pendleton Naval Medical Center and leading sessions with patients. “From the first moment I sat down with those guys and handed them a drum, I was sold.” She also explains how on the drive home she realized she could make a difference while using her passion for music. “I could see myself doing this, and I’m coming home at the end of every day feeling like I did something meaningful with my day and with my life and with the tools and the skills I have been given.”


Moses Maddox - ESTEP

Moses Maddox, former US Marine and Veteran’s Retention Counselor, joined the Marine Corps at age 17 and like many military members getting ready to leave the military, didn’t have a plan for transitioning into civilian life. Maddox sat down with Rise Up Radio Hosts James Carmody and Jared Kelley to talk about his work as a counselor and how ESTEP is providing internship opportunities for veterans who are majoring in the science, technology, engineering and math fields. “The Marine Corps raised me. That’s all I knew was the Marine Corps. I went from being a high school student to the Marine Corps to no longer being a Marine. So I had no frame of reference when it came to being a civilian, or understanding as a civilian you are on your own.” Maddox told Kelley and Carmody. He goes on to explain that prior military service members don’t usually have a good understand of the civilian job market and how it exist. The internships go from six months to two years and it’s Maddox’s job to help veterans with their ‘people skills’ when it comes to knowing how to make themselves ‘purchaseable’. He also helps them to use networking to connect with the people that can get them into those jobs. The military gives service members a sense of camaraderie that some don’t believe exists for them within the civilian world. However, Maddox says, “The camaraderie that exists in the military world totally exists in the civilian world but you have to build it”.

Take Action

1. Resounding Joy takes great pride in the work and therapy they provide to others. To know how you can help visit Resounding Joy

2. To know how you can help the student Veterans email Moses at Mmaddox@csusm.edu