Episode 68: Featuring Andrew Holets and Joseph Cave

Andrew Holets-Pro Kids-The First Tee San Diego

Andrew Holets, CEO for Pro Kids-The First Tee San Diego sat down with Rise Up Radio host Jared Kelley to talk about how the game of golf is being used to help kids develop life skills, character and values they need to become successful in school and throughout their lives. Holets, who came to San Diego seven years ago, has a Masters in Nonprofit Management & Leadership from USD School of Leadership & Education Sciences. He opens up about how his service in the United States Peace Corps taught him what it means to serve, and that when serving you learn to live like the people you serve. His experience with the Peace Corps set him off to keep doing good service. “I love volunteering, I love our community, I’m not of San Diego but I feel this is a home, because of the ability and opportunities I have been afforded and other people have afforded me to serve.” Holets explains. According to Holets, there are over 1000 PGA and LPGA tour coaches, executive directors and staff who have volunteered with Pro Kids First Tee, some of who have been volunteering for more than 10 years. The program open to kids from all walks of life, seeks to serve those who are challenged and most vulnerable within the San Diego area. If there are any type of financial barriers they make sure that the child doesn’t have another one, so many can get a scholarship, pay less, pay a percentage or pay nothing. “One of the main operating words we have as the staff and volunteers at Pro Kids is to be welcoming. We make it a point to welcome everybody of all walks of life” Holets said. He goes on to explain the program teaches 18 core values, including Respect, reverence, sportsmanship, accountability and fortitude. Since 1994 they have seen about 20,000 kids from the San Diego area who have been Pro Kids, from all walks of life who are now doing amazing things in their lives.

Joseph Cave - Surmount Insurance

Joseph Cave, Commander in the Army Reserves, former professional golfer and current Associate Insurance Broker with Surmount Insurance sat down with Rise Up Radio Host, Jared Kelley to talk about his life and how golf lead him to joining the military. Cave did a tour in Iraq, is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt and also received a Bronze Star. Cave tells Kelley, “I attribute golf to leading me toward West Point. Without it I don’t think I would have considered that challenge whatsoever. It prepared me for West Point actually.” He unpacks how he had no set plans or a set destination after high school but says, “Whenever a challenge comes up I can’t back down and I have to go at it as hard as I can and overcome and do the best I possibly can. I never saw myself being in the military, but the opportunity came along.” He talks about his involvement with Patriots Honor Foundation which was started by a retired Air Force Master Sergeant who flew combat missions from Iraq and Afghanistan flying wounded and fallen soldiers back to Germany or the United States. The foundation, according to Cave seeks to help those soldiers get back to their lives and the normal activities they had before their injuries and to support the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Cave also discusses his desire to be able to look back on his life and see that he made a difference in his community and gave back to others, and how working in the insurance industry is one way to make that happen. “I really want to take the money I make in the business and be able to use that to give back to the community”, he said.

Take Action

1. Pro Kids will be hosting a fundraiser June 10th from 6-9 PM to benefit the children. Visit their website to learn more about the event or how you can get involved. Pro Kids | The First Tee San Diego  

2. To learn more about Surmount Services, visit Surmount Services