Episode 70: Featuring Amy Dodson, Chrissy Littledale, and Aaron Pelander

Amy Dodson and Chrissy Littledale - Hire Heroes USA

Amy Dodson, and Chrissy Littledale with Hire Heroes USA sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody, to unpack Hire Heroes mission and how the program works. Hire Heroes USA, a nonprofit organization provides employment services free of charge to US military members, veterans and their spouses. The focus is on successfully translating the experience and skill sets learned in military service into a way civilian employers can understand. Dodson, Area Manager and Veteran Transitioning Specialist for Hire Heroes, helps military members and their families with transitioning from the military into civilian life, finding employment and continuing their education. She has a widespread background in employment workshop assistance, resume writing and the interviewing process. “When my husband actually transitioned after his first four years in the Marine Corps, the most difficult part for him was the job search. I got to see that struggle first hand. This was a long time ago and there weren’t a lot of resources in place. So I am just honored to work for an organization that supports military members who are going through that process.” she tells Carmody and Kelley. Dodson tells how her path to becoming involved with the organization evolved from volunteering with her husband’s commands to teaching employment classes as a contractor with the Department of Labor, which eventually led her to going to work for Hire Heroes about two years ago. Littledale, Military Transition Specialist and Air Force veteran also has widespread experience in career services and veteran outreach. Her father served in the Air Force for 28 years and 11 days after graduating from college she joined the Air Force herself. She talks about her experience of having to transition out of the military unexpectedly when the government downsized the military. “Looking back I realize I did everything wrong transitioning into the civilian work force, and so I struggled for quite a while trying to figure out where I wanted to be, how to show people the value I would bring to their organization. It took a while but eventually I found it. I found that I could share this passion and that I could share my mistakes that I made to help other veterans to get to where I am now. Which is I wake up every day and I can’t wait to get to work.”


Aaron Pelander - GovX 

Aaron Pelander, Vice President of Marketing with GovX joined Rise Up Radio Hosts, James Carmody and Jared Kelley to talk about how GovX not only provides an online shopping site but one that is exclusive to military and first responders. Pelander explains the online shopping site gives free membership to everyone who is verified to be current or veteran military and first responders. He describes how they work hard to bring awesome deals from brands, teams, entertainment and travel partners for their members. Pelander also stresses it’s not just about selling products and giving great deals it is about also giving back. “We don’t want to be just a company that is purely trying to sell you something. We want to fully support the community of members that we have. And so we try to extend that in making sure we are getting out in the community,” he explains. He goes on to say, “One that is a big reason why people shop with us as well is we started a program in Oct. 2015 that we’ve called Mission Give Back. Every order we take on site we donate a portion of that sale to a nonprofit. To date since we started it we’ve given over $105,000 to about 20 organizations.” They give to organizations that are focused on supporting military, police, fire and other first responders. He talks about some of the organizations they have given back to and how they get involved within the community.



1. Hire Heroes USA wants to connect with community leaders and strategic partners who can assist in increasing their impact in San Diego and nationwide. To get more information you can visit their website or email Amy Dodson, Area Manager, direct at adodson@hireheroesusa.org

2. GovX wants to make sure the word about their company gets out and qualified members can take advantage of what they have to offer! Visit their website or email them at Marketing@GovX.com.