Episode 72: Featuring Colin Sinclair, Charles Thompson, and Mario DeMatteo

Colin Sinclair and Charles Thompson - Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Colin Sinclair, San Diego Director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Charles Thompson, East County Representative for Fellowship of Christian Athletes joined Rise Up Radio Host, Jared Kelley to discuss the influence of sports in their lives and how that influence can be used to reach out and impact the lives of young athletes. Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a nonprofit organization that capitalizes on the influence coaches have to teach their athletes about life and to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Sinclair and Thompson open up about their lives and FCA’s mission. Sinclair talks about how his passion for sports goes back as far as he can remember, in fact he explains that he was actually born during game five of the 1982 World Series between the Brewers and the Cardinals. “As early as I can remember I played sports, baseball, soccer, basketball, football…it’s really shaped who I am. Sports is just in my DNA.” He goes on to explain how sports have given him a platform and a voice to share his faith as well as improve himself as a man, a husband and a father. He goes on to say, “For me it’s a calling and a passion all rolled up into one.” Thompson, a native of San Diego was raised by a single mother and grew up in Southeast San Diego. He tells Kelley, “Football was huge for me. All the older guys in my family were in gangs and doing drugs” He goes on to explain, “As an eight year old I told myself I can’t be involved with gangs or do drugs if I’m going to be in the NFL. As an eight year old I had no real idea how that could work if that was even feasible. But that kept me out of a lot of bad decisions in my life.” He talks about how it was football that afforded him the opportunity to go to college and change his life, but that it is God who is his foundation rather than sports. Both Sinclair and Thompson talk how the FCA is not only speaking life into the lives of young athletes but teaching them how to impact the lives of others.


Mario DeMatteo - Beartruth Collective

Mario DeMatteo, Founder and Publisher of BearTruth Collective joined Rise Up Radio host Jared Kelley to talk about how his love for comic books and his faith in God led him to start the Christian comic book ministry. DeMatteo who has a Master’s Degree in Literature and Writing from Cal State University San Marcos, a BA in Comparative Literature and Writing and an AA in Graphic Design and Animation tells Kelley, “I’ve always loved comic books, but I was becoming really really obsessed with the power of the story telling and how a comic book can really be a really amazing tool for a kid to not just get inspired to read and to learn about a story but really bring stories to life. And I had this kind of Godly moment where I knew I wanted to get involved with comic books and I didn’t know exactly where my entry point would be.” He goes on to talk about how after reading a book by N.T. Wright about Paul the Apostle that showed him just how Paul the Apostle was in a new way, he began to see a comic book start unfolding in his mind about the apostle but set in a Star Wars world with creatures and aliens. He wanted to create something really unique and contemporary for kids that would maybe inspire them to read the bible. DeMatteo also opens up about how during a trip to Costa Rica 12 years ago, he dove into a shallow swimming pool and broke his neck. He explains how going from being able to play soccer to being in a wheelchair is what led him down the path to becoming the man he is today. DeMatteo says after the accident he knew it was going to be a new life for him, it wasn’t going to be the end of his life. “Just something completely new that I just hadn’t ever saw. I knew it wasn’t going to be a bad change it was probably doing to be an exciting change”, he said.


1. Fellowship of Christian Athletes want to inspire and help people do Kingdom work and bring back the conversation of how sports in our community teach us about our faith in God! Visit their website to learn how to help our community come to know Jesus and gain a better understanding of FCA's mission and how we can all join the team. You can also contact Colin at csinclair@fca.org or Charles at charlesthompson@fca.org

2. Mario with Beartruth Collective and publisher of Paul the Apostle: A Graphic Novel inspires kids to read the bible and enjoy it! It's a must read and you can contact Mario or get your copy and learn all about the Beartruth Collective by visiting his website.