Episode 71: Featuring Tristan Williamson and Vince Martin

Tristan Williamson - The Mission Continues

Tristian Williamson, Naval Veteran and Impact Manager for San Diego’s The Mission Continues joined Jared Kelley and James Carmody, hosts of Rise Up Radio, to unpack just what The Mission Continues is all about and some of their upcoming projects. Williamson, originally from Jasper, Indiana, joined the Navy and it was the Navy that brought him to San Diego. He tells Kelley and Carmody that after two weeks in the city he decided eventually San Diego would be his home. He returned back east to complete college at Indiana University after completing his military service. It was during his last year of school he received a message from The Mission Continues in his inbox asking him if he wanted to serve at a nonprofit for six months. He goes on to explain that it was his goal to work for a nonprofit organization and this offer was the perfect opportunity for him to get his feet wet and network in San Diego and to understand all the different spaces and to see where he fit in. Working for an organization that puts veterans at the center of community impact proved to be the ideal fit for Williamson. The Mission Continues helps veterans who are adjusting to life at home find purpose by putting them at the center of community impact. Williamson explains veterans are ‘deployed’ into their communities coast to coast serving causes such as improving educational environments and expanding educational opportunities, improving access to community gardens and green spaces mentoring at-risk youth and more. The Mission Continues is also changing the conversation in regards to our veteran population. “That’s what I love about The Mission Continues, we’re constantly trying to change the conversation to make sure that people understand that veterans are not liabilities, we are tremendous assets to our communities. If you can impart on us and make us understand how we can be of service and how we can be useful, it’s a sense of purpose that I think most veterans are looking for. We’re not just veterans, we are a lot of things.”


Vince Martin - EasterSeals Bob Hope Veterans Support Program

Vince Martin, retired US Naval Commander, Employment & Veterans Services Specialist with Easterseals S. California Bob Hope Veteran Support Program joined Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to unpack what the Bob Hope Veteran Support Program is doing to help veterans. Martin’s family immigrated to the US in 1979. His stepfather was in the Army and his uncle was a recruiter in the Navy. It was his uncle that encouraged him to join the Navy and he did so right out of high school. After 26 years of service he was getting ready to transition out and was working with the current Director of Operations as a client of Easterseals, and they were helping him define his definition of meaningful employment. “At that time I had decided to go into a veteran’s service program, some sort of nonprofit capacity. So it just worked out great as I was getting ready to transition, the team was looking to expand and hire more folks and I was at the right place at the right time.” Martin joined the team in 2014. Bob Hope Veteran Support Program specialists try to work with service members at least three months before their transition out. The process goes through all the different phases of the employment process with the veterans. From helping the veteran define what meaningful employment means to them to resume generation and tailoring to interview preparation and networking. 



1. The Mission Continues is a growing organization that would love to spread the word of all they do. By going to this link, you can stay up to date on events and how you can volunteer. You can find more information at their website or email Tristan Williamson directly at twilliamson@missioncontinues.org.

2. Bob Hope Veterans Support Program offers beneficial services and want to bring awareness of what they achieve for veterans seeking employment. And also bring awareness to different employers and companies of the potential hiring. To spread the word and learn more about this empowering organization, visit their website