Episode 76: Featuring Carl Jepsen and Tim Ney

Carl Jepsen - ManKind Project

Carl Jepsen, Certified Leader and trainer for ManKind Project sat down with Rise Up Radio Host James Carmody, to talk about how the ManKind Project is empowering men to be servant leaders and to make a difference in the lives of others. Jepsen, a Naval Veteran, behavioral scientist and retired dentist discusses the path that led him to the ManKind Project. Jepsen grew up on a farm and tells Carmody he was the first member of his family to attend college. He received a scholarship to University of Washington Seattle and was “grabbed by the Navy” as he graduated from dental school. He continued to practice dentistry while in the service. He shares his experiences of becoming a Big Brother, getting involved in service clubs and churches gave him a passion for wanting to pay it forward. He tells Carmody how being a Big Brother was just reinforcement to him of the importance of the giveaway as he calls it. “To give of my time in support of a youngster who is growing up.” He goes on to explain that in 1993 a colleague told him he should take the Warrior Training Adventure course. “I investigated, read about it, paid the fee and showed up.” Jepsen has been attending the ongoing weekly meetings since then and has hosted one in his home for 20 years. He goes into details about the upcoming New Warrior Training Adventure coming up in August, and what that 48 hour experience brings into the lives of the men who participate.


Tim Ney - Armed Service YMCA San Diego

Tim Ney, Executive Director for Armed Services YMCA San Diego, sat down with Rise Up Radio Host, James Carmody to talk about how the Armed Services gives much needed support and help to active military men and women and their families in the San Diego area. Ney, a retired Marine Corps Sergeant discusses the path that led him to his position and breaks down what the organization does for our active military men and women. He tells Carmody, “This is the second best job I ever had because my first best was being in the United States Marine Corps. I’m blessed every Monday morning to wake up and go to work. I can’t wait to get into work on Mondays because taking care of service members and their families is a tremendous opportunity for us.” After his service of eight years he worked in various jobs and ended up working with a lot of nonprofits and discovered his passion for wanting to help others. He shares some examples of families who have been helped and how they work with other organizations to get the military members and their families help and support they need. Ney explains, “Even if our organization doesn’t have a program or service that will handle it, there are plenty of other nonprofits, we call them our natural partners, that can facilitate and take are of these families.” 10% of the nation’s military are in San Diego and in order to provide the help and support they need it’s important to have those connections with those ‘natural partners’ which are organizations or people who perform outstanding services in the areas the Armed Services don’t, such as helping with financial support. He goes on to talk about some of the services they such as in home clinical counseling which offers support for PTSD, TBI, marital counseling, etc. He also explains the various community events they hold for military families, such as Operation Kid Comfort, Father-Daughter Dance, Christmas You Missed, Back To School and the Holiday Toy Drive.



1. The "New Warrior Training Adventure" is an amazing experience for men serving and supporting other men! The New Warrior Training Adventure is August 25 - 27th at Valley Center and if you or someone you know, is interested you can contact Art Garcia at (619) 708-0846 and also visit their website for more information. 

2.The Armed Services YMCA San Diego wants to support and make a positive impact for individuals and their families who sacrifice so much for our freedom. Anyone who wants to learn more or get involved can attend a program tour on the 4th Thursday of every month. Visit their website to learn more! Tim can reached directly by phone as well at (858) 751-5755 ext. 101