Episode 75: Featuring Sean Bradford and Josh Collier

Sean Bradford - Men With A Purpose

Sean Bradford with Men With A Purpose, sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to unpack how Men With A Purpose is working through discipleship and fellowship to impact San Diego with the gospel. When asked to explain what discipleship and fellowship mean for him, Bradford tells Kelley and Carmody, “Discipleship, fellowship to me...that is life. Christ calls us to be disciples but he does it in a very particular way. He doesn’t’ just say, hey go be disciples, go learn something, he says come follow me. That’s the invitation but it’s also the opportunity.” Bradford explains the MWAP get together the second Thursday of the month for a luncheon to have fellowship where Jesus Christ is lifted up in prayer, song and teaching. They have a speaker, someone who is doing something of interest within the community, and building disciples one person at a time. “That was Jesus model. He spent time with 12, focused on 3, spent most of his time with one and they changed the world.” Bradford is also a board member on The Jesus Film. He talks about the impact this film has had all around the world. The film came out over 30 years ago and is the most watched film of all time. According to a third party audit company, last year this Jesus Film ministry has gone out to 220 million people, is views 600,000 times a day and is in over 1500 languages around the world. Bradford explains that 99% of the world has this exposure to Jesus in their own language. He went on to say, “For every $100 they bring in through donations, 1000 people hear the gospel, 100 people indicate they are following the Lord and one church gets planted. I don’t know of any other ministry that has that kind of impact per dollar.


Josh Collier - Youth for Christ San Diego

Josh Collier, Executive Director for San Diego’s Youth for Christ sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, James Carmody and Jared Kelley to talk about how he became involved with Youth for Christ and what the ministry does to help the youth in San Diego and around the world. Collier who has been the executive director since July 2015, explained that he was involved in a small church plant in his home town of Tacoma, WA and wanted to reach youth on a local school campus. He reached out to Youth for Christ and they encouraged him to come and volunteer. He shares how he got more and more involved with Youth for Christ and how a calling he and his wife felt to move was answered when someone told him the San Diego YFC was looking for a director. Collier discusses the nonprofits mission and the heart of Youth for Christ, which comes from their calling to share the gospel and to love kids in a holistic way. He goes on to explain that there are so many youth who are falling through the cracks, kids who have a parent who is in jail (Angel Tree kids) and kids in the juvenile system. YFC comes alongside those youth to help them overcome the challenges and the life they are facing every day. To give them someone they can depend on, to be there for them. He said, “Our partner in ministry, Prison Fellowship tells us that Angel Tree kids, kids who have a parent in jail, statistically two out of three follow their parents to jail, which is startling. When that risk becomes reality, they’re no longer high risk, they’re in crisis. In that moment of crisis we can enter in and bring a message of hope and restoration.”



1. If you would like to become a part of Men With A Purpose or get more information, visit their website. If you are encouraged or want to encourage others with the word of God, you can also contact Sean directly at sean.bradford@icloud.com to get more information. 

2. The number of youth in crisis is growing and YFC's goal is to help have a positive impact. If you, or someone you know wants to help or become a part of YFC, you can visit their website or contact Josh at josh.collier@yfcsandiego.org.