Episode 80: Featuring Patriots Honor and All Star Vets

Chief Master Sargent Brent Hammond & Whitney Bibbins - Patriots Honor

Brent Hammond and Whitney Bibbins of Patriots Honor sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, James Carmody and Jared Kelley to talk about Patriots Honor’s program, Golf4Patriots. Hammond, a retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant, is CEO and co-founder of Patriots Honor. He helped out with other nonprofits after retiring and wanted to find a way to give back. After having the opportunity to play golf with about 30 amputees at Admiral Baker’s Golf Course, seeing the veterans having fun, he decided they needed to do something like that. He said, “We need to get these guys back into the recreation hobbies and the passions that they had before their injuries. We were hoping that would make an impact in their life. And so far with the individuals we have helped, we have really seen a difference in them.” Bibbins explains what he has learned and why he loves this program. “What I’ve learned out of all of this is when these guys joined they were warriors, that’s why they got into the military. After they have been injured severely, what really sticks in my brain and my heart is these guys come home and they want to get back into life and they’re still warriors regardless, whether it’s to play golf or to swim or to scuba dive, whatever it is. It’s just amazing to see these guys and we just want to help them with their recovery.” The two men discuss the experiences of the participants at the golf tournaments, and how they receive whatever their passion is directly after the tournament is complete. They also talk about the upcoming August 28th golf tournament which will be held at the Rancho Bernardo Golf Course.

Dean Dauphinais & Marcus Chischilly - All Stars Vets

Dean Dauphinais and Marcus Chischilly, Co-Founders of All Star Vets, recently sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about All Star Vets. All Star Vets was established in May 2016 and helps to empower veterans through holistic sports programs. Dauphinais, a Marine veteran had been serving veterans in various capacities for about 10 years. He explains how he had the desire to do something on his own and noticed there was a gap in services in the way veterans are being helped to get healthy. He explained that he wanted to do something outside of the medical model, which is prescribing medication to veterans and limited modalities of healing. Dauphinais told Carmody and Kelley, “We came up with All Star Vets as a way to promote health in a more holistic manner. And in a way that also brings veterans together. And nothing does that better than sports, I don’t think”. He went on to say, “By using sports as the vehicle to bring our vets and their families together we can organically engage in discussions about what our vets are going through.” Chischilly, a Marine veteran is also an international adaptive sports competitor. While serving in Afghanistan, he stepped on an IED and lost his left leg above the knee. He talks about his experiences with depression and his realization that there was going to be a lot of things he would have to adapt to after his injury. Chischilly talks about how adaptive sports helped him and how they are working to help others. He told Kelley and Carmody, “We really started this All Star Vets thing with the mindset that we wanted to change the availability not just from a healthcare standpoint, but as Dean said, changing the way that veterans look at sports. But look at outlets to relieve some of the residual effects that are deemed just from military experience in general.”



1. To help support veterans and this empowering organization, Patriots Honor invites veterans and the public to play in their charity golf tournament or provide support in any way to their Star Recipient, Julian Torres. Their Give Back Gold Tournament is at Rancho Bernardo Inn Gold Club on August 28th. Visit their website to learn more and to register for the event.

2. All Star Vets wants to raise awareness and increase quality of life for our veterans and active duty servicemembers and their families. You can help spread the word of the growing and most robust Veteran's Wellness initiatives. Visit their website or email Dean directly at dean@allstarvets.org or Marcus at marcus@allstarvets.org.