Episode 81: Featuring Geoffrey Goldstein and Brad Pagano

Geoffrey Goldstein - Goldstein Golf

Featured Guest Geoffrey Goldstein.jpg

Rise up radio recently hosted Geoffrey Goldstein. This man is a great golfer who has carved a niche for himself in teaching people how to play golf. Instead of focusing on getting better on the game, he prefers to teach people how to be a better player despite running his own golf course. While on Rise Up Radio, he shared a few stories about himself. Goldstein has risen to the point that he has several CEO’s and other top functionaries among his clients. What really surprised him and also inspired him to go into being a golf teacher and not just a golf player, is the fact that a lot of people even, CEO’s of multinationals, get nervous to play golf in the full glare of a lot of people. According to Goldstein, he also started from a humble beginning. In fact he came into San Diego in 2013 with just $50. It took the support of is a wife and Mike, a CEO that would become Goldstein’s first top executive golf client. Over the years, Goldstein has been able to teach a lot of people to become talented golfers.


Brad Pagano - San Diego Financial Literacy Center

Featured Guest Brad Pagano.jpg

Our second guest on Rise Up Radio was Brad Pagano. He is the founder of San Diego Financial Literacy Center. This organization educates and empowers people within its community to become financially successful. They have raised several entrepreneurs and also made a lot of people financially successful. Brad Pagano laid it all bare on Rise Up Radio. He talked about mentoring people to change their spending habits. Poor spending habit has a way of plunging people further into debt. He mentioned that a lot of people have the habit of spending all they earn. He explained why and how that kind of people will continue to struggle financially no matter how much they earn. He talked about opportunities being available for people to come and to enjoy their services. While they offer a lot of services, Brad Pagano says they do two things best which are providing education and providing resources for financial success.



1. Goldstein Golf provides knowledge for all skill level golfers and the understanding of the Ball Flight Laws. To bring more awareness to all that Goldstein Golf has to offer, visit their website or you can email Geoff at coach@goldsteingolf.com

2. San Diego Financial Literacy Center (SDFLC) provides meaningful skills to our community. SDFLC wants to educate our community and encourage people to engage as volunteers, donors, and supporters. You can invite SDFLC to businesses, schools, or organizations for free educational sessions. Visit SDFLC's website or email them at info@sdflc.org